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Sep 12, 2013 07:24 PM

"All Day" in a restaurant kitchen.

As in give me scallops all day. I hear the phrase on shows like Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell, what does it mean?

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  1. It means the number of a particular dish/item that needs to be cooked total, regardless of which table it's going to. For example, table 1 has 3 steaks and table 2 has 2 steaks - it would be "5 steaks all day."

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      It is just the grand total for whatever they are calling.

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        Thanks for the reply. Now I know and have peace of mind.

      2. Yes. It's the grand total for what's been ordered

        1. And I thought it meant there were so many orders that the chef wanted you to just keep cooking them until she said stop. Glad to get clarification from the experts.

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            That's what I thought but I wasn't quite sure so I posed the question. It does seem to happen when the kitchen is behind, from what I've seen. More feedback please for the curious.

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              No, it does not have any relationship to whether your swamped or not.
              It is just a confirmation that the Chef de Partie knows what he/she has ordered from their station.

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                Clears that up. Thank-you. Love food, never been in a restaurant kitchen, but I ran a Loew's Drive Inn snack bar at 15 years old. Should have been barking out 4 butter popcorn, four cheeseburgers, one burger, two pizzas, three corndogs ALL DAY. Thing is, I was always the only one at that station, but it taught me timing.

          2. That phrase would need a number to make sense. "Four scallops all day" means four orders total. Like if an order of scallops just came in, but you already have three orders that have not yet gone out, you could call out to your coworkers, "one scallop, four all day".