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Sep 12, 2013 07:24 PM

"All Day" in a restaurant kitchen.

As in give me scallops all day. I hear the phrase on shows like Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell, what does it mean?

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  1. It means the number of a particular dish/item that needs to be cooked total, regardless of which table it's going to. For example, table 1 has 3 steaks and table 2 has 2 steaks - it would be "5 steaks all day."

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      It is just the grand total for whatever they are calling.

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        Thanks for the reply. Now I know and have peace of mind.

      2. Yes. It's the grand total for what's been ordered

        1. And I thought it meant there were so many orders that the chef wanted you to just keep cooking them until she said stop. Glad to get clarification from the experts.

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            That's what I thought but I wasn't quite sure so I posed the question. It does seem to happen when the kitchen is behind, from what I've seen. More feedback please for the curious.

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              No, it does not have any relationship to whether your swamped or not.
              It is just a confirmation that the Chef de Partie knows what he/she has ordered from their station.

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                Clears that up. Thank-you. Love food, never been in a restaurant kitchen, but I ran a Loew's Drive Inn snack bar at 15 years old. Should have been barking out 4 butter popcorn, four cheeseburgers, one burger, two pizzas, three corndogs ALL DAY. Thing is, I was always the only one at that station, but it taught me timing.