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Sep 12, 2013 07:16 PM

Lunch or dinner north of New Hope

I would appreciate any recommendations for either a late lunch or early dinner somewhere between New Hope and Easton. Any off-beat or out-of-the way places not a problem. Neither is the type of cuisine.

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  1. We've often enjoyed the Inn at Phillips Mill, just a few miles north of New Hope.

    1. The Inn at Phillips Mill is a lovely venue with food that ranges between good and ok. Just across the bridge into Stockton is the Stockton Inn which is a great place with food quality being item specific, meaning hit the right menu item and you will be pleased. Sorry can't get you farther north on your trip.

      1. If you are driving from New Hope to Easton, I suggest driving on the Jersey side, and crossing at Philipsburg.

        Along the way you will pass through Stockton as mentioned below... Lilly's Meals took over Miels there and has good food. It is across from the Stockton Farmers Market. In addition, you will pass through Frenchtown which has a lot of nice places, my favorite is Cocina del Sol a locally owned mexican restuarant. then the next town up is Milford NJ, where the Ship Inn is located. Nice brewpub with locally sourced food, good range of pub food, and veggie/vegan options.

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          Read some very good reviews on Cocina del Sol since you mentioned it. Love the drive to Frenchtown especially in the Autumn and with a destination for good Mexican fare it sounds like there is a drive in my near future. Have you been there or just heard/read the reviews?

          1. re: Bacchus101

            I have been there. I have a relatively limited set of things I am willing to order at Mexican restaurants. I have had their hand made tamales, and I have had their tacos. While I prefer Tacos Cancun in Lambertville from a food perspective, I like Cocina del Sol as a sit down restaurant. It is not a place I make a special trip for, but I always know its there. I eat there perhaps once a year. I have not yet been there this year.

          2. re: cwdonald

            Well just worked my way through the assorted reviews on Trip Advisor. The wide swing in opinions is a bit troubling. Every thing from the best Mexican food in NJ to Never go there! I will still give it a shot and try to find the middle ground or better if lucky.

            1. re: Bacchus101

              I'm curious -- how much faith do you have in Trip Advisor for restaurant recommendations in the Philly area? I know that in some places it's the most trusted go-to resource. But in this region I'm not so sure.

              1. re: CindyJ

                Cindy, good question. When visiting a new restaurant I try to read reviews from different sites and focus on the content of the review. Some are just sour grapes, or single negative encounters and/or dislike of certain dishes. I read a few and try to see where the middle ground might be. If you are investing time and money in a visit to an unknown I would reference a few sites. In Philadelphia I would not take only information from Trip Advisor but would be interest in the variation of views. Some CH's here seem to have the same tastes, sensibilities as do I thus I put more value in their opinions.