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Sep 12, 2013 06:56 PM

Birmingham, MI Sunday brunch

We are looking forward to a week-long stay in downtown Birmingham and would very much appreciate thoughts on the best place for Sunday brunch. Any recommendations for dinner will also be appreciated. We would prefer walking from our location in the center of town, but are willing to drive for an outstanding dining experience. Our ideal restaurant is a small, chef owned place serving locally sourced, innovative food. We don't find such a place often but are always searching. Thanks for your help.

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  1. Social Kitchen is one of the places you will want to visit.

    For a more blue collar lunch-ish brunch, I'd head down Woodward to Vinsetta Garage.

    There's also a third place option called-- What Crepe?...or a fouth place option of Ned's Travelburger at the B-Ham farmers' market--love the Cuban sandwich.

    Dinner-- Forest Grill, Tallulah, or maybe Bistro Joe's. I've never felt rich enough to indulge at Rugby Grille.

    1. If you're willing to drive 30 to 40 minutes, then I think Root is your answer-- though not for brunch as they're closed on Sundays.

      Or, closer in (only a few miles south of Birmingham) there's Torino's tasting menu. Dinner only, Tuesday thru Saturday.

      1. Forest Grill is expensive ..... but it is a chef owned place serving innovative food. Much is locally sourced if I recall.

        I go to Root once a week ... it is a drive for you, but if you are here for a week why not. Last night I had Halibut cheeks over creamed corn with tasso ham and kale - pretty amazing, though the halibut was not local.
        If you enjoy wine, they have a short list, but the next few Wednesdays they have half off wine. I'll be there next Wednesday. And the Wednesday after that.

        1. The Rugby Grille in The Townsend Hotel is certainly the best place to go for Brunch on Saturday & Sunday.

          It has been there for 25 years and is the "place to go and be seen" in "walkable" Birmingham, MI.

          My favorites: Try the Tuscan Bowl, Lobster Omelet, pancakes are heavenly and the Monti Cristo (when they have it). A side of Kielbasa is also fantastic!

          1. Thanks so much for the great suggestions. All sound wonderful and fortunately, we will have enough time to try several. I'll report on our experiences.