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Sep 12, 2013 06:55 PM

Napa for 2 days and Sonoma/Russian River Valley for 1 day

Hi! I have read many posts for Napa/Napa Valley and just a few for Sonoma.
We love wine....specifically, Chardonnay.
I (not my husband) appreciate Zinfandel and Pinot Noir.
We are not wine experts...far from it! I could not imagine a wine tasting before Noon....sorry, don't judge me!
That being said...I have found Marie Lorraine's and a few others very helpful in planning our trip to Napa 9/18 - 9/22.
We have made appointments for Joseph Phelps Terrace Tasting on 9/18 and the Schramsberg Cave Tour on 9/19.
I hope to make it to the Hess Collection and Artesia appointments yet.
I have seen all the restaurant recommendations. We will definitely do Model Bakery for breakfast.
Will try to have lunch or Dinner at Redd..... if not Lunch.
Will also try for Etoile at Domaine Chandon.
Lunch will be at Taylor's Refresher and Cindy's Backstreet Kitchen.
Will try to get Fried Chicken at Addendum.
We will check out Downtown Napa for ZuZu. Will probably pick up items for lunch to go at Oakville Market.
We are more about "driving" and "scenery". I know there will be a lot between our hotel and our planned destinations.
I am really into food and cooking and amazing food.
We have heard about "Farm" at Carneros Inn. Not a lot of talk about
We are staying at the Marriott Napa Spa.
Is "Farm" a "good choice"?

On another completely different note....we would like to go to Sonoma on Sat 9/22. Will definitely go to Sonoma Square for atmosphere. Could you recommend one winery in the Russian River Valley for Chardonnay???
Is this do-able in one day since we are staying in Napa?
I would appreciate any input!
I apologize.....we are not wine experts but trying to learn!!!!

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  1. Russian River Valley Chardonnay - if it's not too pricey call ahead to Lynmar. If you are in Russian River Valley during the week Paul Hobbs is another option.

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      It's going to be tough tasting these days: the 2010 and 2011 vintages were really hard hit, and the wines are way off. The Pinot Noir was especially hard hit in the Russian River Valley, and other AVAs near there, including the Carneros district that straddles both Sonoma and Napa. But that's nothing against Lynmar, where I tasted last week.

      The Pinots from Lynmar and elsewhere are disappointing, and IMO the Chards don't hold much of a draw either. I did really like Laurel Glen, just up from the city of Sonoma in Glen Ellen, and Pangloss, just a couple of blocks away.

    2. Thank you for the information! I will definitely look into your recommendations!