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Small plates opening in Prospect Heights this fall


The food on her website looks delicious. Has anyone had it?

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  1. Wow! Haven't had the food, but I've heard about it. Is there an address for the restaurant?

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      It will be on Washington Ave, approximately across the street from the Dr Who bar.

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          The Doctor Who bar, is called The Way Station and is at 683 Washington Ave.

      1. I've had it, twice, and it's wonderful.

        1. All the really exciting new restaurants are in Brooklyn. Refilling my MTA card.

          1. shes a really good cook, but full disclosure shes a former pardes cook & good friend so im definitely biased.

            1. Yes, Itta's food is amazing. This is great news

                1. So excited for this! They are trying to raise funds through Indiegogo, I believe.

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                    It's clever. Your pledge becomes a pre-paid meal when they open. Or a cooking class. Or... http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/mas...

                  2. I went to an event at her house once and the food was incredible. I contributed to the Kickstarter, I'm excited for this place to open. I really hope it makes it.

                    1. Yeahthatskosher.com says that they're opening on Monday Nov 25, and has a sample menu: http://yeahthatskosher.com/2013/11/ma...

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                        I wonder where they're getting the kosher fish sauce from... It is a little odd to put fish sauce on a banh mi btw - usually it's maggi, and that's only in trung chien/op la (fried egg) or shredded chicken...

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                          israel is the only place i have seen kosher fish sauce-maybe they are making it themselves

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                            They're having a soft opening now, with the grand opening on Monday.

                        2. Loved it. will write more.