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Sep 12, 2013 04:52 PM

Freezing a Veal with pocket

I freeze food successfully, but have never frozen a raw veal roast that is stuffed with an uncooked challah stuffing. Is this possible?Safe?

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  1. Possible? Yes. Advisable? No. Stuffing should generally be cooked as soon as possible after being inserted in the meat/poultry. Depending on your recipe the challenge might suffer from ice crystals and I might not trust the raw eggs through the freeze thaw roast cycle. Your home freezers does not flash freeze like commercial operations.

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      I got through to butcher at Pomegranate , and he said its alright to freeze raw with stuffing. Will defrost in frig and bake fresh on Yom Tov!

    2. i would sooner cook it and freeze it than stuff it and freeze it raw