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Sep 12, 2013 04:01 PM

What do you eat for break the fast dinner?

Say anything but bagels and lox....

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  1. I need my breakfast even if it gets pushed off to dinner so I vote for scrambled eggs, toast, cheese danish and coffee.

    1. My favorite post-fast dish is a blintz soufflé. There's a recipe on the boxes of most frozen blintzes. Add berries.

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      1. re: Deborah R.

        I start with water, ginger ale or cranberry juice. Then usually homemade honeycake. No lox or bagels for me. I usually have blintz souffle, mac and cheese or milchig noodle kugel. Simpeple and comforting

      2. That's easy for me.
        Family tradition:
        #1 a shot of whiskey
        #2 Black coffee and a piece of challah
        #3 Fleischiges (usually leftovers from the fridge/freezer for me. Rest of immediate family goes next door to MIL for milchiges (wife's family tradition).

        Bagelman only eats bagels for morning breakfast, not evening break fast, and he doesn'e eat lox or cream cheese.

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        1. re: bagelman01

          No lox or cc for me either.
          I start with coffee, a lot of it.
          Small piece of bagel, cheese, cucumber, several glasses of water

          1. Every year I beg DH, no bagels and lox. Every year we try but either we end up in shul, at someone's house, or (this year) someone invites him or herself over by offering to bring the bagels. Sigh....

            But DH just made me a mushroom quiche for Sat. night. Not as good reheated but so nice of him.

            And coffee...