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Sep 12, 2013 03:52 PM

The Other (and Probably Better) Tasty Noodle House

Tasty Noodle House in San Gabriel is fairly well known due to the Jonathon Gold connection, but there is an unrelated but identically named enterprise with branches in Hacienda Heights and Irvine which I think is better. The other Tasty Noodle House is a Shanghai style restaurant. They use the relatively thinner, smooth, white, wheat noodles. Tasty Noodle House opened 3 years ago in Hacienda Heights, and while their salmon tomato noodle soup is probably my favorite noodle soup anywhere (more for the soup than the noodles), I didn't think they were on anybody's radar. Indeed, every time I went by that location I half expected to find a new restaurant in its place. Recently a restaurant called Tasty Noodle House opened up in Irvine, and I had assumed it was either related to the San Gabriel enterprise, or not related to anybody. However, it turns out to be a branch of the Hacienda Heights store. The Irvine location is already doing a booming business, with people waiting to get in midweek at lunch time. Their specialty may be XLB and SJB, but I never get past the tomato salmon noodle. Eel noodle is pretty good, too. Hacienda Heights location is at 1611 S. Azusa Ave., while Irvine is at 15333 Culver Dr.

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  1. Thanks for the OC tip!

    1. i posted in another thread today before realizing that the san gabriel and hacienda heights establishments are not related. i went to the one in hacienda heights and tried that salmon tomato noodle soup. it was good but the sauce for the sesame noodles was IMO noteworthy.