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Sep 12, 2013 03:34 PM

Tomato separator

Does anyone know of a place that rents the machine to separate the skin and seeds of a tomato for canning? Either the further west the better or close to jean talon market where I will be buying the tomatoes.

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  1. Quincaillerie Dante right by the market carries them.

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      The Omra tomato mill from Dante is ideal and they also have good instructions on how to can/jar them. I don't know if they rent them out though as I've borrowed one from a friend in the past and they bought it at Dante. I am thinking of trying my juicer this year instead as it does much the same thing, although I find just freezing the tomatoes whole is sometimes the easiest and best solution.

    2. Can't give you a "where to buy", but what you're looking for is called a ricer (at least in English).

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              My Italian is sub par, but would that translate as "A machine (for tomato...)"?

            2. re: SnackHappy

              Not a strainer?

              Rotary food mills might be too small for the OP. If he's making a lot of sauce/ pasata he would be better off with an electric strainer like one of these:


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                That's exactly the type of device I was thinking about. It's a type of food mill.

            3. re: wattacetti


              My grandmother canned dozens of quarts of tomato purée every year her entire life with one just like this.

              It absolutely separates the pulp from the skin and seeds.

              A food mill will do that, too....but it's not the only creature for the job.

          1. Dante Hardware has a variety of them for sale.They might rent but if you are going to do this each year buy one they are not expensive.

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