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Sep 12, 2013 02:58 PM

Kaito in Bronxville

A new menu came through the mail slot today for a restaurant I am completely unfamiliar with -- Kaito on Palmer Avenue in Bronxville. At first I was afraid that Noodle+Dumpling had gone out, but this appears to be right next door-- Maybe where Japan Inn was? It's clear that I haven't been down Palmer recently!

The menu is interesting, and I'm happy that the restaurant is Japanese and not one of the generic "Asian" places that seem to proliferate here. Has anyone been?

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  1. Japan Inn closed? they were there forever.

    1. Its the old Japan Inn. Still have the old sign up top.

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        I saw a post somewhere else (of course I cannot find it now) that made it seem as though it really IS the Japan Inn, but with a name change. Is that possible?

      2. As far as I know the Japan Inn was sold to new owners a month or two ago. I don't think they even closed the restaurant for a remodel and I think kept on most of the staff. I heard that Lenny the old owner finally wanted to retire. I didn't go to the Japan Inn much anymore, basically parking there is annoying, but I saw him and his wife a few times at Fujinoya On Central Ave in Hartsdale.

        I just got the new menu in the mail and was going to ask if anyone had been since the changeover. It looks like the menu is 80% the same.

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          By the way, Fujinoya itself has changed hands. The only way to tell these days is that there are different people behind the sushi counter. Menu and decor have not changed a bit. So far, food seems more or less the same.

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            I haven't been there since May. I wondered why they haven't changed their online monthly calender of daily specials.

        2. Yes, it's the new incarnation of Japan Inn. Lenny Mori, who opened Japan Inn 30 years ago, retired this summer. The new owner was his sushi chef several years ago. I got the new menu too, and it looks very nice. I haven't been there yet, but take a chance and go!

          1. Kaito Sushi is fabulous. I have been there many times now and have had some extraordinary dishes. Try the "chirashi don"--a rice bowl with "scattered sushi" on top with vegetables, ginger root, wasabi mustard, tempura and custard slices. There are several wonderful new noodle dishes and soups and many old favorites. Prices are reasonable and the service is very friendly and helpful.

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              Thanks, I'll have to go check it out. I haven't yet because I felt it wouldn't be the same without Lenny's friendly face. I had been going there several times a year since the Japan Inn first opened.

              I used to run into Lenny and his wife a lot, but haven't seen him since last spring. I wonder where he retired to?