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Sep 12, 2013 02:27 PM

Irene's or Tomas Bistro

Visiting New Orleans in a few weeks. Already locked in to Boucherie and Peche for dinner. Was choosing between Irene's and Tomas Bistro for the third night. Open to additional selections. Would like to stay in the FQ, CBD or Warehouse district if possible but would consider something off the St Charles streetcar.

Have been to Atchafaya, Martinique, Root, Cochon, Luke, Domenica, SoBou, Melange, NOLA, CP and Syvan and want to try something that we have not tried before (we would go back to most of those). Thanks.

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  1. Food-wise, they're damn-near identical. Personally, I prefer Tommy's. Why? Better service, comfort/ambiance, and they take reservations. Fewer tourists too, if that makes a difference.

    Oops. You said Tomas, not Tommy's. Hmmm....different style cuisine. I'd say, if you haven't been to either, then you should go to Irene's.

    1. Irene's is wonderful. In order to avoid the inevitable wait,
      go at 5:30 PM or at 8:30 PM. Food is great and staff is superb. Thursday night's special is Turtle Soup, the best in the city, in my opinion. We eat there often and love it.

      1. I like Louisiana Bistro on Dauphine...if you want a quiet romantic meal. They used to have one of my favorite entrees = filet mignon with crawfish butter sauce. outstanding.

        Was rated #1 by trip advisor. Very quaint. Good wine. "Hidden Gem"