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Sep 12, 2013 02:09 PM

fine dining EXPERIENCE for son's 13th birthday

Coming to NYC from PA to celebrate my 50th and my son's 13th birthday. Son is a foodie and all three of us enjoy TV shows like Master Chef. I'd like to have a weekend fine dining experience, emphasis on the experience, for less than $100 per person, to show my son what fine dining is all about. (my husband and son do not drink alcohol, so that is not a factor in the bill other than my 1 or 2 drinks/glasses of wine). Pluses would include a view of the kitchen or availability of kitchen tours, excellent service, extras like amuse bouche or petit fours after the meal. Could do Saturday lunch or dinner, or Sunday dinner if we had to (trip is from Sat a.m. to Sun p.m.) Any and all advice is very welcome. My back up plan is dinner at Nougatine with requests for a view of the kitchen for my son and perhaps a dessert from Jean George served in the Nougatine dining room (if they will do it). Many thanks!

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  1. might as well get this one out of the way early - 100/head before or after tax/tip? (thanks for answering the alcohol question up front, though)

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      $100 per person before tax and tip is fine. And I love the fact that chowhounders really believe you when you state a budget. Many thanks!

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        to simplify, $100 tasting menu would be ok (without drinks, tip, tax)

      2. Quite a few of the top restaurants will be around $100 before tax/tip/drinks for prix-fixe, but not tasting menus, though you will get canapes, amuses, and mignardises.

        I'm not a big fan of tasting menus. I prefer to pick and choose and then share dishes. That way you get the variety without spending as much.

        My top choice would be the Dining Room at the Modern. If you want to go a little lower in price and still have a great experience, try Tocqueville. Picholine also may be interesting. They will be serving game birds on the fall menu, so you might be able to catch that depending on when you will be here.

        1. When is your trip / how far in advance are you planning?

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            1. " my son what fine dining is all about."

              What do you think it's about?

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                Two things that I would like him to experience are excellence in taste and the feeling of being in a restaurant where every detail is handled with a sense of excellence and professionalism. We eat some great food in PA, but fabulous service is very hard to come by.

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                  If your budget is about $100 per person and both service and food are important, I strongly suggest you guys try lunch at Jean Georges.
                  I've had lunch at Bouley but I far prefer lunch at Jean Georges especially for their amazing service!

                  1. re: Monica

                    And for the OP, note that they do send an amuse bouche at lunch.
                    The service is flawless.