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Sep 12, 2013 12:39 PM

Vegetarian Indian - High end and low end [London]

Hi all,
My wife and I will be in London at the end of October and would like to hit a couple of Indian restaurants. My wife is vegetarian and I often lean vegetarian when eating Indian. I'd like to try one higher end, and one more traditional and less expensive place. There don't seem to be any recent threads on the best vegetarian Indian, although there are some recommendations sprinkled throughout other Indian threads (Quilon seems to be recommended for vegetarian). Any recommendations ranging from hole-in-the-wall to fine dining would be appreciated.

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  1. For recommendations it depends on where you're staying and how far your willing to travel, Wembley, East Ham and Tooting have a large choice of vegetarian Indian restaurants but these are all a good trek from central London- north, east and south of central London respectively.
    I've been to Saravanaa Bhavan in Wembley and East Ham and the food has been excellent in both (not been to the Tooting branch) and also liked Sanghamam in Wembley. All these are low end in terms of price, haven't been to more expensive Indian veggie places.

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      Thanks for the reply paprikaboy. Unfortunately I'm not sure where we are staying since my wife will be there for work and she hasn't been informed of the hotel yet. I'm perfectly willing to travel a bit, as long as its tube-accessible. Wembley and East Ham are not too far.

    2. Woodlands is a vegetarian restaurant. I think it has two or three locations and I'd call it middle of the road end, heading towards lower. The branch in Marylebone (not far from Oxford St.) is pretty decent. A friend ate at the one not far from Piccadilly and thought it was vile with bad service.

      I think you can find vegetarian offerings in almost any Indian restaurant. Cafe Spice Namaste is a terrific place. Check out their menu. Part of our last dinner there was a courgette (zucchini to us Yanks) and chestnut mushroom curry.

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        Thanks Zuriga. It seems that Cafe Spice Namaste gets pretty good reviews all around. And you're right, all Indian does pretty good vegetarian, I'm just trying to figure out who does it best.

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          I don't think you would go wrong with either Amaya, Moti Mahal, Quilon or the weekend brunch at Bombay Brasserie. All are well thought of. Your wife also might like to eat some Korean food - lots of vegetable dishes including a noodle dish made with sweet potato noodles. There are some good spots in London for that.

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            Also slightly off topic, but London has a couple of nice Georgian places that serve vegetarians quite well. Either Little Georgia or Tbilisi, both near Angel, are worth a look and also serve meat-eaters just fine...

            Quilon is pretty great, though I haven't sampled Indian in london all that widely.

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              I think we will probably try Quilon and also see if we can make it out to Saravanaa Bhavan as paprikaboy recommended. zuriga, that's a good recomendation on Korean - we have a lot of Korean in the Washington DC area, but, with the exception of a couple tofu places, they are pretty meat-centric. We'll give it a look.

              Lacemaker, Georgian sounds pretty interesting. My wife spent some time in Armenia and had issues finding anything she could eat. I'm sure she would welcome a chance to actually try some good Eastern European vegetarian food.