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Sep 12, 2013 11:37 AM

Is it crazy to try to get to Sweet Cheeks on a Friday before a Sox game?

I was going to try and go out to dinner before tomorrow's game in the Fenway area. How nuts is it to try and eat at Sweet Cheeks at around 5.30 on a Friday before the game? We're just two people, amenable to sitting at the bar.

If you think we could grab a seat, what's the best meat to order? I scanned the previous dicsussions on Sweet Cheeks but there didn't seem to be a clear winner.

If you think it'd be crazy to try and go there, any suggestions of somewhere else to try? Thanks for you help!

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  1. I'd say it's definitely a possibility, albeit not a probability. Between there, Citizen, Trattoria Toscana (new chef there for first time since opening, from what I hear ... no idea how it is first-hand right now), El Pelon, Church, Eastern Standard are all varied, excellent options close by should you not be able to get into Sweet Cheeks.

    I'm partial to the fried chicken, not that I don't like the smoked meats, but there is something magic going on with that chicken, especially when paired with the rightfully famous biscuits. They actually added equipment to offer both of those items every day, as they had originally been only weekend specials.

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      Thanks for the tip on the fried chicken! I was actually most interested in that one. I haven't tried El Pelon or Church yet, though I do like ES.

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        I'll second the excellent fried chicken with biscuits. It's on the heavier end breading wise, but excellent overall. In my experience it's the only thing consistent enough to be worth ordering there. Also, check your bill carefully for accuracy, particularly on a game day.

      2. Did you try making a reservation?

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          ha! No, for some reason I thought they didn't take them. I'll try that now, thank you!

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            Just made a reservation. I feel utterly stupid, but thank you!

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              Not stupid--so many places don't take them. Enjoy your meal.

          2. I will embarrassingly admit that I went to the Justin/Jay-Z concert at Fenway recently. I stopped in Sweet Cheeks and it was jammed but they handled the crowd with ease. They have a decent amount of outdoor space that can handle the wait time while sipping a drink or beer. They turn tables pretty quickly, you won't wait too long.

            As far as meat selections, I have always either had the pork belly or the pulled chicken. The pork belly is incredibly filling so a 1/4 will do a decent sized appetite just fine. Biscuits are incredible. I am also a fan of the broccoli side.

            If it is too crazy, the other options listed below are great. Citizen can get jammed up pretty quickly even for two but it's worth a quick peek. I would walk down to El Pelon then just head out for a drink. My other usual pit stop is Lower Depths, just pack yo' cash.

            1. Suprisingly, Its often possible to get into La Verdad right before a game. Another option, if you can't get into Sweet Cheeks.

              Or since you now have a reservation, for another time.