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Sep 12, 2013 10:53 AM

West burbs suggestions for a Mexican Restaurant for an 11 yr old Birthday dinner?

I just moved to Naperville recently, and I need some suggestions for a good Mexican restaurant suitable for a sit down dinner with my family and 11 yr old step son. Any suggestions?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. It's not Naperville, but Maya del Sol in Oak Park is very good, and I've seen lots of families getting big tables. Check the pricing, it's on the higher end for mexican. There are also lots of walkable dessert options nearby if you wanted.

      1. Most Mexican restaurants would be suitable for an 11-year old. I guess it depends how authentic of a Mexican restaurant you're looking for and the type of atmosphere. One of our favorite Mexican places in the western suburbs is La Quebrada on Broadway in Aurora. Very authentic, great service, reasonable prices. We recently tried Mi Hacienda on 75th in Darien, which wasn't bad. The salsas were delicious & service very efficient & friendly. If you called ahead to let them know it's your step-son's birthday, I think they'd make it special for him. If you're looking for more of a chain restaurant, some of the Pepe's in the area are ok... we like the one on Lake in Aurora, but have also been to the one on 75th in Woodridge, which is ok. A lot of people like Las Palmas, 2 locations on Ogden (Naperville and Westmont). I'm not a fan, but when we do go, we prefer the one in Westmont, but the Naperville location would be more suitable for a birthday party.

        Hope this helps.... and Happy Birthday to your step-son!

        1. in Oswego past ohs on 71 is a place called la cabana great food and staff