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Sep 12, 2013 10:35 AM

Kainbigan Filipino Food [Oakland]

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  1. was at the brick & mortar place but didn't get anything. everything is cooked to order,. no precooked food at steam table. didn't have time to wait. (legal) parking limited here..
    can call in orders to be picked up

    previously had their garlic prawns and mac cheese at their popup-very flavorful, deliz.

    1. I went a couple weeks ago. I'm not very knowledgeable about Filipino food, but I very much enjoyed it!
      I had Chicken Adobo, it was a generous portion, very savory with a distinct ginger flavor.
      BF had the garlic noodles, which were also delicious. I questioned the pricing of the noodles as they cost the same as other entree on the menu but are just noodles and sauce with no veggies or protein. He didn't seem to mind as he really likes carbs and doesn't eat meat, but I wondered if they are very labor intensive or something, anyone know? A couple of the veggie options on the menu online weren't available. We plan to go back I want to try the afritada and he wants to try the garlic Shrimp.
      This place is a few blocks from where we live and it would be great for the neighborhood if it was successful! Maybe take some of the Champa over flow? The chef is clearly trying very hard and seems very genuine.