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pie crust question!

Hello, hounders.

I am planning an anniversary treat for my husband and i want to make a dozen miniature pies (12 years, each one sweeter than the last.) Being a working person, I am hoping to do it in stages (i.e. make the dough tonight and let it rest in the fridge, do the baking tomorrow evening.) My big question is, can you leave ROLLED pie crust resting in the fridge for approx. 24 hours with no ill effects, or would I be better off just letting it rest in ball form in the fridge tonight and rolling it all tomorrow when i'm ready to bake? I would LOVE to get all the crust brouhaha taken care of tonight and refrigerate in rolled form, but I don't want to accidentally toughen it up too much. Any advice would be appreciated!

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  1. I have done this, but I actually freeze the crusts in their pie plates, stacked with layers of parchment and then bagged in zipper plastic bags. Then I bake them without thawing - works fine. What a sweet idea - good thing you haven't been married 30 years! :)

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      HA! We've actually been together 22 years and officially legally married for 12. For a brief crazed moment I thought about making 22 pies in 12 flavors but good lord...it was already a last-minute idea! And really.....22 pies would surely kill him, because he wouldn't be able to stop at just 12.... ;)

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        A woman after my own heart! My husband and I lived together in sin for 10 years too. We're together 45 years now. ; >

        I think your idea is the sweetest thing I can think of!

        I hope your pies come out great and you have AT LEAST 22 more years together <3 <3 <3

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          Thanks! We test drove the h*ll out of this relationship before tying the knot! Not that there were ever any huge bumps in the road anyway, but you know. Who wants all that wedding fuss? The best part is having an official anniversary to bluster over every year. ;) Have reservations at Asheville's SEVEN SOWS on Saturday. Mmmmmm.

    2. It will be fine rolled and left in the fridge - in fact, baking it when the dough is nice and cold will give you nice results. You will still want to let it rest a bit before rolling - do you have time to give it 30 minutes or so in the fridge before you roll tonight?

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        I should! Thanks for the feedback, and so fast, too!

      2. Like the other posters said, you will be fine doing that way.

        The crust will be fine in the fridge for 24 hours, rolled and formed, no worries.

        1. What kind of pies will you be making?

          1. I agree with what everyone said. They will be fine rolled in your fridge overnight. I would put them in the tins before you put them in the fridge.

            I have to say I love this idea and I'm sure your husband will too! I too would like to know what flavors of pies you are making. And I would love to see some pictures of the finished product. Good luck!

            1. Chilling won't toughen the dough, it actually relaxes the gluten strands. You do want to make sure you cover your rolled crust in plastic film though!

              1. I very often freeze pie crusts to be baked later. Saves so much time!

                1. Thanks everybody! The evening is already getting away with me, but I still hope to do my prep tonight and get everything rolled out and formed and tops cut and stored as well. I'm aiming for 3 blackberry, 3 blueberry, 3 apple, and 3 raspberry. My dude has been travelling for work all week and is due back around 9 pm tomorrow night. That should give me enough time to bake 'em!

                  1. Thanks also for the encouragement--he's generally a much more thoughtful and spot-on gift-giver than me. I think I might have actually hit the target this time!

                    1. Some turned out better than others, just like the years. ;) Pretty delicious, though! Wound up with four apple, four raspberry, and four blueberry.

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