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Sep 12, 2013 09:01 AM

Singapore - Local hawker favourites at Bendemeer Market & Food Centre

One of the under-rated food centres in Singapore - one of my aunts said she'd rate Bendemeer higher than Old Airport Road, given the number of good stalls she patronize here. Some of her regular haunts and personal favourites:

- Stall #01-73 Totally Coffee. The Hainanese lady here brews a mean cuppa: thick, aromatic, full-bodied, slightly sweetened - the way Singaporeans love their morning coffee.

- Stall #01-76 Indian Muslim Food. Come here early for their crisp dosas. But the chap who runs this stall also flips up a delicious roti prata, served with a side-dish of either fish curry or vegetarian dhal curry. He's been doing this for 47 years!

- Stall #01-50 Fishball Noodle. This generically-named stall is perhaps the most popular here amongst the local Bendemeer crowd - not a surprise since this is a typically Teochew dish, sold in an area with a high level of Teochew populace. BTW, there are two old Teochew restaurants in the same neighborhood barely 200 metres from the food centre: Liang Kee and Yuanxing Chaozhou.

- Stall #01-32 Eat May Know. This stall produces some of the best "you-tiao" (crisp Chinese cruller) and other tasty deep-fried morsels ranging from sesame-coated and mung bean-filled "jin deui" pastry balls, to flat "hum chim peng" with mashed red bean filling. Everything's delicious, and so sinful!

- Stall #01-32 Zhen Ji. One of the most popular stalls in this food centre - this one churns out another Teochew favourite: minced pork noodles. Waiting time at this stall ranges from 20 minutes during off-peak periods, to a stultifying 1.5 hours during lunch-time (?!)

Address details
Bendemeer Market & Food Centre
Block 29, Bendemeer Road
Singapore 330029

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  1. So, this is where Liang Kee has disappeared to. I liked it very much when it was operating in Outram Park before they pulled down those HDB blocks.

    1. so underrated that ive never heard of it!

      i love the names here:
      - duo de li (totally coffee in chinese haha)
      - eat may know

      haha awesome

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      1. re: Lau

        "Duo de li" - heh-heh, well, there are 3 types of translation: direct, meaning and sound-like.

        The best example I'd come across was at Ali Baba Eating House on the corner of Joo Chiat Road and East Coast Road. I snapped a pic of this signage 3 years ago (Ali Baba Eating House has been taken over and re-named Ali Baba Hawker Bar recently). The Chinese words said "Ah Lee Ba Ba Ee Ting Hau", which seemed to be a phonetic translation of the English name, except that in Mandarin, it meant "Ali Baba is Definitely Good"! How's that for a cool translation? It has all *3* types of translation (direct, meaning and sound-like) incorporated!

        1. re: klyeoh

          haha thats a pretty good translation + phonetic translation all in one haha