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Sep 12, 2013 08:19 AM

Galloway New Jersey

We will be in Galloway for a week beginning October 20. Two foodies would like to know what is good in the area, including sea food


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  1. try luke palladinos in northfield. went last night to what use to be a great italian resto. it is now lp steak. the food was great. they said that the italian place was moving nearby, and would re-open soon. my suggestion is to go to the steak house, on route 9, and find out if the italian is open. if it is, go.

    1. Athenian Garden excellent Greek food. More reasonable for lunch. Dinner prices too high for my taste.

      1. Celina's Mulberry Market & Grille
        68 W Jimmie Leeds Rd, Galloway, NJ 08205

        1. Go to the Oyster Creek Inn in Leeds Point on a weekend afternoon for crabs and lobsters - check to see if the Crab Room is still open though - they usually close at the end of October.
          For good Mexican food and Mojitos, go to La Hacienda on Route 9 - don't be put off by the all encompassing menu - their food is quite good and the mojitos are the best around.