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Sep 12, 2013 06:15 AM

Food Tour Suggestions

Hi All,

I am flying over to San Diego this week for work this weekend. I do research on food trends for my job and would love some tips for this area.
I was only in San Diego once many years ago so any info would be helpful.

I will be spending a day roaming the city trying new things (beverages, bakery, desserts, meals).

Any places you can suggest that are a must for my list of stops.
Can be anything from tiny shop to a nice sit down place.

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  1. I thought there was a sticky with this info, but SD is very spread out. Please let us know where you are staying, whether you will have a car and how much you are willing to travel in order to get more helpful suggestions.

    Craft Beer has become so ingrained here that it hardly qualifies as a trend but it is the one area where SD is at the head of the pack nationally. Karl Strauss and Stone are the oldest/biggest of the bunch but Alpine, Lost Abbey and Societe are my favorite breweries.

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      I am staying in Coronado and will have a car. No more than 20 minutes from that area would be great.

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        Then go south...

        Out through Silver Strand, through IB (Imperial Beach) and into National City/Chula Vista and to the border.