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Sep 12, 2013 05:24 AM

Water view dining

Here on business from Dallas, TX where waterside dining is rare. Hoping to enjoy dinner somewhere by the water. Seafood place would be great, but not necessary. Price point should be in the moderate range (not more than $30 for the main course). Staying in Rancho Bernado area so would prefer not to go all the way downtown or to Coronado.

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  1. Anywhere from RB to the water is going to be a drive similar to all the way downtown. I guess the 56 runs to the coast, right? Somebody? Is Del Mar/ Encinitas a shorter drive than Downtown from RB?

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    1. re: Fake Name

      RB directly to Del Mar might be somewhat shorter than to downtown, but it is splitting hairs. What one could do is shoot up to Escondido and drive towards Encinitas on the Del Dios Highway - nice scenery on the way westward.

      1. re: RB Hound

        RB is spot on. splitting hairs on the drive time. Del Dios highway is the perfect way to drive west. The drive is so nice that it is an event in and of itself. Pop up on Ville de la valle. To the left (south) on 101 you have Posieden and Jakes(del mar); to the right (north) on 101 you have Chart house, beach house, and pacific grill (cardiff)

        1. re: koreansoup

          Del Dios Highway is indeed ver nice but all five restaurant you mentioned have very mediocre food and worth spending your money

          1. re: honkman

            depends on who you ask. and pgwiz1 is asking for waterfront dining.The food is not spectacular but these are the places on the water in this area. ....If you decide on taking del dios across. The food is not bad at Jakes, Pacific grill, Chart house. I actually like the physical outdoor space of the beach house, posieden, pacific grill the best (pacific grill patio can be crowded and hard to get a table)). La jolla has places where the food is better, however as mentioned earlier, splitting hair on the driving distance. Coronado.. a little bit more hair. Realistically once you get in the car from Rancho Bernardo you might as well just go where you want. Once you get get on the road, it is pretty much all the same (give or take 5-10 minutes)

    2. Pacific Coast Grill in Cardiff.
      George's Terrace in La Jolla.

      1. At the Beach House in Cardiff you are basically sitting on the beach if you go to the patio. Food is okay--I recommend the starters over entrees--but the spot is amazing.....the sea gulls will be eying your plate.