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Sep 12, 2013 04:39 AM

The Lucky Well

The postings regarding this on Yelp are overwhelmingly positive. One review by a soft opening participant seated at a table with friends and relatives of the chef offered details on the ambience and food from what one might consider a slightly bias view point. As recent discussion on this board have peaked my interest in local BBQ: I have marked "The Well" as a must visit. Anyone been there?

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  1. As I have just belatedly learned that the "Well" is not yet open to the "general public"; any comment regarding it would be from those chosen to attend the "soft opening".

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        I did a quick search on the 23rd on opentable and it would appear that they have sold out their opening night or at least allocated all the tables they are willing to via open table.

    1. I had their pulled pork sandwich with their house made pickles at the Festival in Ambler this summer. They were serving outside the restaurant "in progress" for the festival. I am by no means a BBQ expert, but it was really tasty and they sold out in less than 90 minutes. I will be away when it opens, but it is definitely on our must visit list.

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          1. copy of the menu... posted on the Ambler 19002 page on facebook