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Sep 12, 2013 01:20 AM

Rico Rico Chicken

Drove by Rico Rico Chicken today, just off King St. makai of Moiliili Field, the old HK drive in. I'm thinking of trying it one day, never had Peruvian style chicken with rice and beans before. Has anyone eaten here yet? Wondering if it's worth the stop? Thanks in advance.

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  1. gimme a heads-up sometime, i'll join you. just noticed it this evening driving home.

    1. We went a month ago.

      $9.00 for a small half Chicken out of a Caterer Warming Box w/ a scoop of rice and some mustard sauce wasn't anything I'll be returning for.
      But on the other hand, nice people who own the business and wish them well.
      Try it and see what you think?

      1. Tried the plate with rice and beans about a month ago. Chicken is done with a lime/chile marinade or glaze and quite tasty, but not as good as what I've had in Lima, where this style is as ubiquitous as ABC stores in Waikiki.

        The rice is bland, with what seem like corn niblets mixed in...not bad, but a little odd. The beans had an unappealing flavor...couldn't quite pin it down, but don't remember anything quite like it in Peru.

        Went a second time and got just chicken, only $1 cheaper than the full plate, so no bargain. A Peruvian friend in our building's reaction was "you can get a whole rotisserie chicken at Costco for 5 bucks...why pay more for a quarter?"

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          The replies from russkar and macaraca give me pause, especially the Peruvian friends comment. I may still give it a try for the chicken (rice with corn does seem a bit odd), just won't be rushing down to do it.

          1. re: curiousgeo

            Corn is nearly the staple in Peru as it is in Mexico, and rice is common too, both ranking slightly behind potatoes in importance. There are dishes that combine corn with rice, but more likely with onion, chile, etc etc. However, the local corn is quite different from what you find here...not as sweet, usually very large kernels, and more variety of flavor. This just seems to be niblits scattered into plain white rice. Not bad, just very odd.

          2. re: macaraca

            I agree with you that the rice, beans, french fries and aji sauce are not very appealing nor anywhere close to what you get in Peru and also that it's wise to get the rotisserie chicken at costco, however, the chicken for me at rico rico is in my opinion authentic.

          3. I'm not sure what macaraca is talking about, the chili lime marinade, but I've lived in Peru and the flavor of Rico Rico'sPollo a la brasa (chicken roasted over coals) is the closes i've ever had here in Hawaii. I've been to a few places in Honolulu that claimed to sell Peruvian chicken but their flavor never came close. Rico Rico not only has the seasoning perfected but their chicken is juicy and tender and has a wood smoke flavor. The Peruvian chicken over wood usually comes out kind of dry for my tastes but Rico Rico's comes out juicy. So which is better, The chicken in Peru or Rico Rico's? For Americans and Peruvians living outside Peru, eating Pollo a la brasa en Peru can be a gamble because they run the risk of getting really sick. But the chicken at Rico Rico is safe, healthy and gives you the true taste of Peru. Congratulations Rico Rico.

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            1. re: WmHI14

              I don't recall saying the chicken at Rico Rico wasn't good, or wasn't authentic...just not as good as what I've had in Lima. The sides are definitely not close to what you get here.

              I happen to be in Lima at the moment, enjoying pollo a la brasa nearly every day. Of course it is much cheaper here, and the birds are probably more flavorful to start with, so that may account for some difference. Still, I'm not comparing RR to Lima prices, but comparing what you get for the price they are charging compared to what else you can get in HNL.