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Sep 11, 2013 10:54 PM

Istanbul Modern Dining

Food nerd here looking for the best modern take on Turkish food. Usually I'm scared away by dining in hotels given the lack of atmosphere and markup in prices.

1) Gile
2) Milka
3) Changa
4) Mimolett
5) La Mouette

Other suggestions? Which place is the most edgy?

I already have meyhanes and lokantas picked out, so just looking for something different here.

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  1. Depends when you are going, Changa was closed for the summer a few weeks ago and Milka, while a beautiful room and great service was very, very overpriced.
    Would recommend Lale Iskembicisi for the tripe soup, it was great, went four times in a month.

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      I'm going in November, so Changa should be open and perhaps the terrace at Milka won't be open for use because of the colder weather?

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        Hijacking thread slightly. That's the one on Tarlabasi? Would love to hear more about the tripe soup.

        1. re: PegS

          Yes the one on Tarlabasi.
          They have three types of tripe soup
          One the tripe is sort of ground up, the second is the same soup with whole pieces of gras double, and the third, a bit more expensive, is the thick pieces of tripe with a richer and far better soup IMVHO.
          The first time l got #1, and #3, all other times nothing but #3

      2. I went to Gile Restaurant for a birthday dinner in November 2013, and it was excellent. Wine pairings were quite strong (a rarity in Istanbul), and the flavors were fresh and exciting.

        It's worth seeking this place out! They take great pride in what they do, and it's not at all a tourist place. There sadly weren't ton of people when I was there last winter, but hopefully things have picked up - it'a a real gem.