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Sep 11, 2013 09:38 PM

Coconut oil yes or never mind

how much can I take the taste of coconut on my food? So I got some at Costco and so far I kinda like it on some food like asparagus and sweet potatoes. I guess I just wanna know your though?

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  1. I like and use the Costco product. Coconut oil had been discussed at length on a number of threads:

    1. Personally, I like it better as a moisturizer for my skin than to cook with- I don't like the hint of coconut it leaves.

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      1. re: schrutefarms

        I also use it mostly for skin and hair.

      2. I almost exclusively use coconut oil for cooking and baking now, but also really like it on toast and such instead of butter

        1. Refined doesn't really taste like coconuts, but I love the flavor of unrefined myself.

          1. Is there any other way to pop popcorn?