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Coconut oil yes or never mind

how much can I take the taste of coconut on my food? So I got some at Costco and so far I kinda like it on some food like asparagus and sweet potatoes. I guess I just wanna know your though?

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  1. I like and use the Costco product. Coconut oil had been discussed at length on a number of threads: http://www.chow.com/search?q=%22cocon...

    1. Personally, I like it better as a moisturizer for my skin than to cook with- I don't like the hint of coconut it leaves.

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        I also use it mostly for skin and hair.

      2. I almost exclusively use coconut oil for cooking and baking now, but also really like it on toast and such instead of butter

        1. Refined doesn't really taste like coconuts, but I love the flavor of unrefined myself.

          1. Is there any other way to pop popcorn?

            1. I use it in Asian and Indian dishes where the faint taste of coconut is harmonious. Refined doesn't have much coconut flavor but its still there, faintly. Go for it!

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                I use it primarily in Asian dishes or for hair and skin. I buy the unrefined oil and so it tastes of coconut, a flavor which I don't in all of my meals, but it's great for Asian dishes. A favorite is to saute chicken breast in coconut oil with a splash of soy and sherry and serve with a sesame vinaigrette salad.

              2. If you don't like the taste of coconut, why buy coconut oil?

                I can understand the search. It took me over a decade and two continents to find an edible to me tripe recipe. But getting the coconut out of coconut oil is like creating a vegetarian beef Wellington. An oxymoron.

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                  No, it's not. Refined coconut oil is, for one, totally a thing. It has a much higher smoke point than unrefined coconut oil, and it has no coconut flavour or smell.

                2. I use it pretty often. Especially in baked goods that call for oil like carrot cake, but also it's a great oil for fruit salad vinaigrettes.

                  1. Its my primary cooking oil but I guess if that works for you or not depends on what kind of foods you make regularly.

                    1. Coconut oil, unrefined, is my cooking oil of choice. I also make a lot of Sri Lankan & Indian curries, and the flavour is necessarily especially for Sri Lankan curries. I use it for deep frying, too, whether for sweets or savories.

                      I've tried the refined. I hated it. Hated it with the passion of a thousand white hot suns. I will go without coconut oil than use that vile stuff ever again.

                      1. I'll use the coconut oil when preparing for curries but I'm not a fan of the taste. I'm not likely to use the coconut oil in baking either unless it's something with a strong flavour like a gingercake. I've actually interrupted people who were shopping at Costco and told them that I'm not a fan of the taste.