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Sep 11, 2013 09:21 PM

Wild Salmon - Sushi?

Hi everyone,

Wondering where to get good wild salmon offerings at sushi places in Boston area? Seiyo in south end offers a special. Places like Fish Market dont offer it. Neither did douzo last time i went. Was off my sushi kick for a while and now am back on, and crazily craving sushi, but would like to avoid farmed atlantic. Thanks!


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  1. Oishii, both SE and Chestnut Hill location, generally offer wild king salmon sashi and nigiri. I'm sure they would substitute that into some of their other salmon preparations and maki upon request as well. It's going to the self and location ask if they will use wild salmon in the salmon on fire preparation, which is fantastic.

    I have also seen offered at Fugakyu recently, but it is not always available.

    1. Did you call fish market? Last time I was there it was on the specials menu

      1. Cafe Sushi in Cambridge also has some wild salmon nigiri.