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Sep 11, 2013 08:18 PM

Knorr's Hot Indian sauce

Hello all,

I was recently in Germany for a bit and encountered a truly amazing sauce made by, of all companies, Knorr. It was called Hot Indian Sauce - and we were at a grill up (bbq) and this was on the table. It was subtle, not too salty and truly an amazing condiment for bbq meats.

I've looked for it online and in stores when I returned to Michigan and, of course, discovered that it's exclusively a
German product. I tried to send a message to Knorr and they have nearly the most useless website which doesn't allow me to message them. Has anyone else encountered this? Is there perhaps a market that specialized in imported products like this?

Would love to have it for my next grill up... :)

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    1. Was it currywurst sauce?
      May want to call Nitsche's.

      1. This the stuff?

        Here's the ingredients.....
        Ingredients: Drinking water, vegetable oil, sugar, spirit vinegar, modified starch, egg yolk, glucose-fructose syrup, salt, Curry, spices, paprika, flavour (contains wheat, celery).

        I'm sure it tasted better than the list sounds lol.


        1. Is it similiar to their Hot Curry sauce? That is available here in the states.

          1. I just saw a flyer for World Market Cost Plus that advertised Knorr sauces on sale. Maybe check there?