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Sep 11, 2013 08:17 PM

wine storage

I need a place in the East Bay (including Livermore, Pleasanton area) to store about a 100 cases of wine. I don't know of any in that area. Thanks.

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  1. Subterraneum in Oakland.

    If you prefer the Livermore area, you might call some of the smaller wineries around there and ask if they can recommend a good storage place.

    1. Does it need to be in the east bay? We use the Wine Bank in Menlo Park.

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        Yes there is quite a history of wine storage up and down the Peninsula, and Subterraneum in Oakland which RL cited. Though I understand the OP's wish for something nearer home. I don't know Tom's location but if it is somewhere like Pleasanton, a drive from there to Menlo Park corresponds to the travel between some countries in Europe.

        Before the owner built up Wine Bank deliberately for this purpose a dozen years ago, he spent time studying and visiting consumer wine storage facilities in the US region with the greatest use of them, Los Angeles. I think it's an impressive and classy firm. If a bit remote from the East Bay, except for locations near the Hayward - San Mateo bridge.

        1. re: goldangl95

          I live out in the Central Valley so going to the peninsula would be a real hassle. Thanks everyone.

          1. re: Tom Hall

            Do you have room for a controlled-temperature storage unit?

            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              My cellar is overflowing "unfortunately."

              1. re: Tom Hall

                Oh, the hundred cases is overflow? Nice problem to have.

        2. Here's some more suggestions (including some links for those already mentioned):

          Self Storage Millbrae

          Safe Harbor - Napa

          Eagle Rock - Napa

          Security Storage - Napa

          Subterranean Wine Storage - Oakland

          Wine Bank - Menlo Park

          The rest are in San Fransisco. Hope that's at least a little helpful.


          1. cannot recommend anything personally, but have seen "wine storage" banners off of the 580 freeway in the Livermore area. Googling brings up some references for climate controlled, monitored storage.

            1. I have used Subterraneum in Oakland for thirteen years. I highly recommend it.