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Sep 11, 2013 07:41 PM

Fairhaven advice please

We live in NJ and are going to Fairhaven and Wrentham. After that we have a few days to explore. Would really appreciate foodie suggestions and points of interest. We are thinking of going to Newport and Providence too. All ideas would be most welcome. We have a car and have about 5 days to just relax and enjoy good food. Much thanks!

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  1. The mods are likely to redirect your thread to the Southern New England Board as that is where you will get good help. As for me, on the Boston board, Fairhaven is a very beautiful little town with great historical architecture. We always eat at Pumpernickel's for brkfst. It's basic Americam diner style (strawberries on the pancakes are out of a can) but good, and the staff are v friendly.Check out their special Portuguese filled rolls for a road snack later. We tried the competing bkfst place (Margaret's?) but def preferred Pump's. Other than it, Fairh and Wrentham are both real food wastelands. REAlly bad. New Bedf is better if only because they actually HAVE restnts. but noth to write home about, except the Portuguese places in NB will likely be of interest to you because they are NB's claim to fame. While Anthony's is the most famous, we think Mimo is much better (We're there once a yr for our Pork with Clams fix.)

    In July we went to a Mex place in downtown NB (the Whaling Museum and that area is just terrific) and we had some v good basic Mex food.

    Prov and Newport are both beautiful and filled w/ things to see and do, and exc restnts. Do CH Searches for many threads. If Waterfire is happening in Prov.while you're around, you MUST see it; extraordinary! (they have a website


    If you like old and historic, i highly rec you take a drive up the lower section of Rt.6A- the old King's Highway- on Cape Cod- one of MA's most scenic roads (Sandwich to Brewster.Heritage Plantation in Sdwch is very worthwhile as is the millpond in town.)
    What a glorious time for a visit up here!

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      Opionatedchef you are right I have been redirected to the Southern New England Board! Glad to hear that Fairhaven is a beautiful town even if the restaurants aren't. i laughed when you wrote New Beford is better only because they HAVE restaurants! With two recomendations for the Whaling Museum that is going to be a must do...even if we go hungry! I am so grateful for your help and will check out the links you provided.I am so glad it is a good time to visit, we had no choice in dates but now I look forward to this trip. Thanks for all your advice and help much appreciated.

    2. Opinionatedchef gave you some great pointers, but I take exception with his description of Margaret's in Fairhaven. Do not miss this gem of a little, out of the way restaurant! Although I've never done breakfast, so perhaps the comments are correct regarding the morning meal. I will say that both lunch and dinner are terrific. I often drive an hour from my home on the Cape just to eat here. Fresher than fresh local seafood, often with an Americanized Portuguese slant. So cheap for the quality of fare. Many here like Antonio's (not Anthony's as stated above)right next door in New Bedford for Portuguese, although it's a bit divey. Not a big fan of Mimo's personally. I much prefer Sagres in Fall River, a 15 minute drive away. Authentic Portuguese, huge portions, and such reasonable pricing. Nice room albeit a bit funky. There's also Brick Pizza Napoletana in Downtown New Bedford for terrific, wood fired ,authentic Italian pizza. It's just around the corner from the very excellent New Bedford Whaling Museum which is worth a few hours of your time.

      There's TONS of info here on both Providence and Newport, both great foodie locations. Just do a search and come back with specific questions.

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        CapeCodGuy,thank you so much! I appreciate your insight and if you drive an hour for lunch or dinner at Margaret's not breakfast... then it is on our to do list! As will be the whaling museum. If I had seen it I would have passed it by, never thinking to visit. Thank you so much!

      2. Sagres had a fire and I believe is closed.

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        1. re: trufflehound

          Oh no! For good? I hope not. Talk about a gem of a place. The true definition of a Chowish locale.

          Well, then I definately think the OP should consider Antonio's in Fall River, in addition to Margaretes in Fairhaven. Antonio's Pork Alentejana is a must for me when I'm in the area. Marinated pork, littlenecks and fried potatoes. A huge plate and only about $15.

          1. re: CapeCodGuy

            That's the dish i always order, but i think Mimo easily trumps Antonio on it. Now if these Portuguese New Bedfordites would start making some decent (non iceberg, non bottled salad dressing) salads, and serving some worthwhile wines, we'd have something there.

            1. re: opinionatedchef

              To be fair, I haven't been to Mimo's in quite some time to compare. Agree on the salads, but knowing portions are so HUGE, I rarely order one. Some of the Portuguese wines are acceptable, but the real treat is the unique liquor and liqueurs they have available. Ask the bartender to pour you something top shelf that you've never heard of, and you'll understand!