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Sep 11, 2013 07:33 PM

Best Ethnic Restaurants near Warwick RI

I'm new to the area, so I'm looking for suggestions for great Indian, Salvadorean, Thai, Chinese, West African restaurants....or any others that are really good.


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  1. Warwick isn't the first place I think of for ethnic (unless it's Italian), but off the top of my head there King's Garden Chinese in Rolfe Square and Rim Nahm Thai in Pawtuxet Village.

    Other ideas folks?

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    1. re: Garris

      agreed, i'd be heading to cranston or providence.
      thai orchid (thai), haruki (japanese/sushi) and minh hai (vietnamese) are all a short ride from warwick. if you want to go as far as providence there is thai star, gourmet house, apasara, haruki east etc for asian choices. not just snacks is my favorite indian. i'm not big on african food but there are a couple options, abyssinia and a new place that opened on the pawtucket line. you didn't mention mexican but there are lots of good options for that as well, chilangos being my top pick. los andes does amazing south american food, both traditional dishes and some more fusiony type stuff.

    2. Is Ebisu in Cranston still around? I loved it for offering only non-sushi Japanese.

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        They are as far as I know, on the Cranston/Providence boarder. Everything I have ever had there has been excellent.

      2. Welcome to RI! For the best ethnic cuisine, you're probably going to have to go further afield than Warwick, but don't worry--nothing's very far in little Rhody.
        I had a nice meal recently at Rim Nahm in Pawtuxet Village (also mentioned by Garris.) I've heard good things about Lemongrass on the Boston Post Road in your neck of the woods, but I haven't been myself.
        I agree with wormwood that Not Just Snacks is great Indian. If you want a bit more ambiance, Rasoi is also good right down the street.
        My favorite Korean is Sun & Moon in East Providence, but Teriyaki House in downtown PVD is ok as well.
        I've been hearing really good things about Half Way Tree Jamaican restaurant in Providence. Have to check it out one of these days.
        For Mexican, we like El Rancho Grande in Providence. Also, I've had pretty amazing stuff from El Taconazo, though i not sure you can call it a "restaurant"--more like a lean-to in the parking lot of a chop shop, but hey, the food is awesome.
        Abyssinia on Wickenden Street is, I think, the only Ethiopian restaurant in the greater Providence area.
        I third TTM and Garris on Ebisu--great shabu shabu. I find the sushi situation in RI a little underwhelming compared to larger cities. We usually end up a Haruki. There's a new Japanese ramen place called Ken's Ramen opening (or just opened?) in downtown Providence. I believe it's supposed to be relatively authentic.
        For Vietnamese Pho, I agree with wormwood on Minh Hai, which is near you. Pho Paradise is ok as well.
        Since you're in Rhode Island, you might want to try some of the local Portuguese fare. You might check out the Phillips Street restaurant in basement of the Holy Ghost Beneficial Brotherhood hall in East Providence.
        Agree with wormwood that Los Andes is great for Peruvian/greater-south-american fare. Really yummy.
        The Chinese food front is a little disappointing I think (though I'd also love some good recommendations.) Iron Wok used to be amazing when it was in a stripmall in Seekonk, but they moved to Providence and lost their chef, and I haven't been back after a few extremely disappointing meals. Phoenix Dragon on the west side in Providence does passable dim sum on the weekend (and I think King's Garden, mentioned by Garris, also does dim sum.)