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Sep 11, 2013 06:42 PM

buying Japanese groceries and food in the greater Boston area

Is there a good place to buy Japanese groceries, food, fish etc in the greater Boston area I'd prefer sites near the "greater Lexington, MA area"
H Mart is a little limited about Japanese goods, as is China Merchandise


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  1. Ebisuya in Medford is great. It's a fully Japanese market and they should carry just about anything you are looking for. When I saw they carried white soy sauce I really knew they were legit. Definitely worth the trip. We went recently and I'm relieved I no longer have to haul bags of stuff back from NYC.

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    1. re: Klunco

      I second this immaculate store. Must try the sushi here as well.
      There's amole parking in the lot behind the store.

    2. The lovely Miso, which is a bit closer to you-Porter Sq.- is about to close down so you may find some good buys there.

      Reliable Market in Union Sq has alot as well- much bigger inventory than Ebisuya fwiw,though owned by Koreans. ( gosh i can't handle HMart for ANYthing. Just too big and no one to help find stuff.)

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        Miso Market closed about a week ago, sadly. They're looking for a new place in the area, but in the meantime are referring people to Ebisuya.

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          +1 for Reliable Market; a one stop shop for everything I need to make okonomiyaki....

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            Huh. I was just in there a couple of weeks ago, looking for same, but I wasn't able to find tenkasu. Where do they hide it?

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              I certainly understand wanting to save the step, but just in case:


        2. I've posted about Lotte Market in Central Square before. It is technically a Korean Market, but I find it to be a good source for Japanese grocery items and more. If you are looking specifically for fish, Sakanaya in Allston is a good source.

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            With the closing of Miso Market, the only specifically Japanese grocery shops that I know of in the greater Boston area are Ebisuya and the tiny and rather iffy Cherry Mart on Newbury Street. Unfortunately, while many Asian markets have at least *some* Japanese items, the selection rarely goes beyond the most basic.

            I'll have to check out Lotte Market - Reliable has failed me a number of times when I've been looking for specifically Japanese items, but I've never tried Lotte.

            1. re: Allstonian

              I would say Lotte is roughly on par with Reliable in terms of selection. You will find some things at Lotte with Reliable may not have, and vice versa. It is by no means a comprehensive source, but Lotte is convenient to me, has most of what I personally need, has extended hours and very fresh produce as a bonus. The Japanese food items can be quite pricey at Lotte. It's definitely worth checking out though.

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            1. Also just FYI for anyone looking for hon-mirin (the real deal alcoholic kind, not the gross corn syrup kind) Urban Grape in the South End sells 750ml Kikkoman bottles for around $8.

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              1. re: Klunco

                That is such good intel about the mirin. Thank you!

                1. re: rozziegirl

                  The clerk was not nearly as excited as I was about it, hahaha, but whoever chose to stock that rocks.

                  Hon-Mirin is such a staple ingredient, yet frustratingly difficult to find in the states.

                  1. re: Klunco

                    Thank you for the info! I'm always looking for a local source for this too. Sadly, I sneak small bottles of this back from trips to Hong Kong and/or Japan and so when I run out, restocking trips aren't really convenient.