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Sep 11, 2013 04:31 PM

Bar Harbor to Winter Harbor; Schoodic Peninsula dinner suggestions

Looking for a spot for an early Sunday dinner somewhere along drive from Bar Harbor to Winter Harbor. (And if there's nothing good, then am willing to eat in Schoodic Peninsula) Any suggestions?

- Looking specifically for a lobster pound or a low-key seafood shack
- Would prefer no fine-dining, don't have two hours for the meal

From my haphazard research, I'm thinking Tracey's Seafood in Sullivan will be a good option if 1. it's still open by the end of September, and 2. it's open for dinner. (I couldn't find more info on it, but it seems like the bulk of reviewers go for lunch). And in Schoodic Peninsula, it looks like Fisherman's Inn Restaurant will be open, though I'm less enthused about the reviews, which range from meh to will suffice.

Thanks in advance!

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