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Sep 11, 2013 03:30 PM

Pre theatre and celebration meal - London

Hi everyone,

Looking for some advice. I am graduating this weekend (mature student!) in London.
I wasn't sure of the plans for this weekend but it turns out myself and 4 others will be going to London for the weekend.
Myself and my wife are big foodies who don't really mind spending a reasonable budget on it but the 3 others are a bit more frugal :-)

We need to find 2 places at short notice.
1. A pre theatre place on the Friday. My graduation is on the Friday and we should be back in the heart of London for 6pm - going to see a show at Drury Lane at 7.30 so need somewhere for a quick bite in between but somewhere we won't feel too silly all dressed up.

2. A place for a celebratory meal on the Saturday night.

Any thoughts?

Happy to try most cuisines - previous trips to London have enjoyed visits to Locanda Locatelli, Bar Boulud, Maze Grill, Pattersons (now closed I hear) as well as quick bites in places like Mooli's (also closed I think).



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  1. Try Opera Tavern or Da Polpo for tapas pre-theatre.

    1. You'll find lots of pre-theatre menus near Drury Lane, which will offer good value and quick food. There are loads of places around - it depends what you want! Otherwise, Wahaca is near by if you like Mexican food, but you can't book so there can be a queue. In Covent Garden, Homeslice Pizza does quick, good value slices of pizza.

      What sort of budget are you thinking for the Saturday and any thoughts on an area?