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Private dining - 40th Birthday Dinner

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A friend of mine is looking to throw a birthday dinner with about 30 guests and is looking for a good venue in Boston. Preference is Cambridge or somewhere other than downtown Boston. Would like it to be a private space with good food (steak, Italian or other western food). Any recs would be much appreciated!

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  1. dante?

    1. Mistral has one of the nicest private rooms around and 30 is about the perfect number for the space. The food is excellent and their event staff does a wonderful jobs managing the room. There is also a dedicated bar in the room which is nice.

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      2. For steak consider Grill 23

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          op is looking for cambridge.

        2. What about Cinquecento in the South End. That room is great and the food has been outstanding. One major plus is the free parking!

          1. Catalyst?