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Sep 11, 2013 02:34 PM

quick suggestions for dinner tonight - 6 people - near New Rochelle?

Coming from Rockland and LI and NYC and New Roc - please suggest more American rest - had Italian last night - looking to make a res. for around 8ish.

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  1. alvin and friends(?)- having lived in new rochelle my whole life, i find the area a vast wastelands, but this might work_ not cheap however and not american but -southern/caribbean

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        thanks so much - ended up in Scarsdale - saw your reply too late! - at a place Messa(?) - it was very nice - live music upstairs - we sat down.

        1. re: smilingal

          glad you did not "sit up" and have to beg for Your food. (couldn't resist-your wording). glad you enjoyed it :)

          1. re: smilingal

            I live in Scarsdale and I would have sworn Massa was out of business!

        2. massa is about 1 mile from me, used to be called piedmont inn, has been a bunch of names since then. i have not tried it, never cared for the location. parking lot is awkward to use and no place else to park. but so far they have lasted for some time now. I am actually right on the nr/scarsdale border

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            We've eaten there and enjoyed it very much. Yes, its been many, many restaurants before.

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              parking was horrible! all of us passed the lot and had to turn around - not at all visible - and then - once parked there was a steep staircase to get to the restaurant. Awkward parking and entrance. But parking lot was more than adequate with spaces.