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Moving to Keller, TX HELP

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We are moving to Keller (an area off the 820 between Dallas and Fort Worth, near Southlake)

Can anyone suggest good restaurants in the area? How about Fort Worth? We are coming from Los Angeles and are spoiled by our choices.

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  1. I'll leave Fort Worth to someone who's more familiar with that area but here's some suggestions for the Keller area:

    Classic Cafe - Roanoke (VERY NICE)

    Babe's Chicken - Roanoke (Fried Chicken/Chicken Fried Steak - that's it. This place is legendary - BYOB)

    Up in Smoke - Keller (Great BBQ, huge beer selection, live music on weekends)

    Thai Chili - Southlake

    Anamia's, Mi Cocina, Blue Mesa - Southlake (Mexican)

    The Feed Bag - Southlake (BBQ - never been there, but several friends have recommended it)

    Weinbergers Deli - Westlake (Chicago Style Deli)

    Other than Classic Cafe most of the restaurants above are very casual. Not sure exactly what kind of restaurant experience you're looking for but I think the list above are all pretty good. If you're looking for anything in particular let me know and I'll see what I can come up with for you!

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      Good list of nearby stuff, Chuck.

      Keller is a famous no man's land for food. It just got its first white-tablecloth restaurant last year, and it's a short drive from most restaurants.

      Southlake has Kirby's steakhouse and a neo-"town square" shopping center with casual and chain restaurants.

      Roanoke has Classic Cafe, nice contemporary.

      Keller's nice restaurant is Mezza Luna (no connection to any other Mezzaluna), Italian.

      Down I-35, downtown Fort Worth has five or six prime beef steakhouses and a couple of contemporary restaurants.

      The nicest places are probably in the Cultural District -- Saint-Emilion (French) and La Piazza (Italian).

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        I have to agree with the "no-mans land" sentiment for the most part. One place I was sorry to see close was Urban Tapas in Colleyville. Only ate there once but it seemed like a funky little place that I thought for sure would be a hit. A new place over in Southlake that I haven't tried yet is X's and O's (or something like that). It's in Southlake Square at the same location that housed Josephine's Italian Restaurant. I plan to get there this week hopefully.

        Forgot about Kirby's Steakhouse! Other people really like Silver Fox in Grapevine (steakhouse - same owners as III Forks) too. In my opinion, it's good not great.

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          Anthony Gheno

          Definately try Babes -- it is the best Chicken Fried Steak that I've had in DFW.

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          Here is a place just down 377 that is in a gas station...yes, a gas station.
          It's an interesting place that is owned and run by a chef and his wife.
          There is no alcohol, but you can carry out. Try it and I know you won't be dissapointed.


        3. I lived in Keller for 10 years and have to say the chow scene there is pretty dismal. Be prepared to drive ~20 minutes to get to anywhere decent. That said, there are a few semi-close options:

          Babes is an institution, with great CFS and wonderful mashed potatoes.

          Rosa's Tortilla Factory has decent flour tortillas and cheap, basic tacos on Tuesdays. It's kind of similar to Taco Cabana, if you're familiar

          Gloria's in Colleyville has a wonderful Salvadorian plate, and has good Tex-Mex, too

          1. Don Mateo's is pretty good in Roanoke too. I second Classic Cafe, excellent! There are some good choices here, I like Kirby's but the price has gone through the roof this past year and not sure I would go back at that rate! Lots of folks like Cafe Italia in Grapevine, it is okay. Uncle Julio's is coming to Grapevine as is Bob's Chophouse. There used to be a nice place in Keller, but it finally closed, guess it just couldn't make it!

            1. Try Brio in southlake and if your really looking for authentic italian Cafe Italia in Keller. Its brand new and stellar...

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                Dito on Brio, we love it.

                You'll find many good things in Southlake -
                Sushi Sam, Eden Bistro for Asian and Sushi
                Coal Vines for Pizza,
                Trulucks for expensive seafood.
                Kincaid's and Snuffers for Burgers

                In Keller you'll find Up-In-Smoke for great bbq.
                Baja Grill/El Taco H is great for good Mexican and fabulous Margaritas (brisket tacos are out of this world.)
                Manny' G's is pretty decent for good soup, burgers and sandwiches.

                In Wautauga:

                Try Chef Point Cafe. It's in a gas station on 377, but will completely amaze you.

              2. Seeing as this is an old post I will update you on some good places!.. Of course if you've been here since 04,.. Im sure youve found places. Anyway, as the last person mentioned
                1. Cafe Italia - the tortelini michelangelo is amazing,. as Im sure is everything else on their menu!
                2. Cowtown Sushi - if you like sushi or japanese food it is very good here, the restaurant is modern decor. This is on the way to Southlake across the street from Sprouts
                3. Cavalleros - Texmex-ish Cantina and Steak House - middle of the road prices - good food.
                4. Niki's Italian Bistro - great homemade pasta (personally like it better than Mezaluna's..)
                5. Tuscany - they have huge portions and it's cheap. Not as good as the other two Italian places mentioned, but still good!
                6. El Paseo - Mexican food. It's good, mid-price range.
                7. Kassandra's - Mexican food - small family style restaurant - it won't amaze you, but it is good downhome cooking.

                1. Taste of Asia is a great place to eat. Everything from eel to calamari to sushi. Great service and decent prices.

                  1. Red Hot & Blue is a very good BBQ type of restaurant. If you are looking for nice atmosphere along with good eating, this is the place.

                    1. looks like Twisted Root and Cowboy Chow has opened in Roanoke.

                      Cowboy Chow
                      2801 Commerce St, Dallas, TX 75226

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                      1. re: CocoaNut

                        If you live in Keller, you are close to Southlake which has some good dining options including Blue Mesa Grill (Southwestern cuisine, excellent Sunday champagne brunch), Five Guys Burger (good casual hamburger fast food place).

                        Five Guys Burgers
                        4410 19th St, Lubbock, TX 79407

                        1. re: CocoaNut

                          I'm not a fan of Twisted Root. The burgers are much better elsewhere (Kinkaid's or Johnny B's in Southlake). The fries were uninspired, the shakes were too thick and they are trying too hard with the decor and the vibe. There is nothing remarkable about the place. People say "well the kids like it". I'm trying to raise my kids as real chowhounds. When in Roanoke, head to Babe's.

                          Johnny B's
                          2704 E Southlake Blvd Ste 104, Southlake, TX 76092

                        2. If you're moving to Keller from L.A. you're gonna be BEGGING for help. And soon.

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                          1. re: slewfoot

                            It's nothing like as bad as it used to be out there back in the day ;) My first real job was in Westlake. The pickings were so slim that Chicken Express was on my list of good places to go for lunch--I would round people up to go have a 'cultural experience.' No one's mentioned Dove Creek Cafe--last I knew it was still there? Great blackberry cobbler.

                            Dove Creek Cafe
                            204 S Highway 377, Roanoke, TX 76262

                            1. re: foiegras

                              Things are looking up. We now have 1709 grill....pretty good food (love their mussels) and good service, and the Lonesome Lizard in Old Town. I wasn't impressed with Lonesome on the first visit, but the just had a big article in the Star Telegram and were a but overwhelmed. The next visit they were wonderful...I think they got their footing.

                              It's not all gloom and doom, things are looking up.

                          2. City Hall is a new place in the Keller Arthouse area and I recommend it. This is the first white tablecloth place in the Keller/Southlake area that has good, honest food. The menu runs from burgers to fancy fish and big steaks (this is Texas) but the prices don't get out of control. The wine list is not extensive but there were many good bottles. The place is chef owned and run and has an open kitchen. Good for families, good for date night. Check it out.

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                            1. re: Jgannon87

                              Just wanted to take a minute to expand a little on the last few threads. I stopped by City Hall earlier but have not yet had a chance to eat there. There is very little on the web so far because they just opened on Monday. Getting there at 11:30 on a Saturday I spent a little while talking to one of the managers and watched the chef who was already preparing food for the day. The chef is Otto Borisch who you may remember was on Top Chef in Season two. I got a copy of the menu but I apologize I don’t have a scanner. As Jgannon said the menu is varied and prices range mainly from $15.00 to $30.00 per entrée. A few that stood out to me were Maple Brined Pork Tenderloin with Wild Mushroom Risotto Cake, Pan Seared Sea Scallops, Leek & Potato Risotto Style, Orange Reduction and Lobster Ravioli with Light Fennel & Vanilla Cream. They do have both a Hamburger section and a Kid’s section on the menu, which I imagine would not be there were this in Dallas proper. Restaurant itself is beautiful and of course brand new with a nice nook bar and an open kitchen. The place already smelled good and I could see chickens being rotisseried. Looks worth a trip to give this a shot and I will be trying it in the future.
                              I also wanted to let you know that I had dinner last night in a German restaurant called Gerhard’s in Roanoke. This is down the block from Babes and Classic Café and from the looks of it, they have just finished redoing the entire street and new restaurants may be coming soon. I would guess more than 6 currently within ½ mile. Food was very good. I had the Weiner Schnitzel, which was perfectly fried with a delicious side of Spaetzle and Sauerkraut. Got to try the Goulash and the Beef Rouladen, which also did not disappoint. Pretzels were delicious and the Apple Strudel was very nice. I am not convinced that I like the space itself which has 20 foot high ceiling and is almost overly roomy. Not a beer drinker but my party seemed happy with theirs and it looks like may be a nice place to catch a soccer game. Prices are reasonable ($10.00 to $15.00 per entrée,) and while I have not been, one of my party thought it was better than Bavarian Grill. Personally, I like Henk’s by the half priced books and they have a much better atmosphere (as does Edelweiss though the food there is not nearly as good,) but this is a slightly different kind of place. Supposed to have a polka band some nights


                              Hope you enjoy.

                              Bavarian Grill
                              221 W Parker Rd Ste 527, Plano, TX 75023

                                1. re: ronaldpedwards

                                  Had the opportunity to eat a Gerhard's over the weekend and I *fully* enjoyed my cooked to order, Beef Rouladen (remaining pink on the inside) served with tangy red cabbage and a half a plateful of cloud-like spaetzle with brown gravy. My friend also *fully* enjoyed her Rachel which was served between 2 slices (seldom seen) dark rye bread. I believe the words that came out of her mouth were "Oh my God, this is good". She came to discover that while traditional in every other way, the chef had taken liberties to add texture variances of sliced almonds and raisins to the sauerkraut which for her, was a asset. Her side of German potato salad was the only disappointment with undercooked sliced potatoes and no kick of expected flavor. But I do look forward to additional visits to enjoy other plates and sandwiches.

                                  They have a nice selection of beers, both domestic and German (about 6 - 8 varieties) - I had the Spaten Oktoberfest (nice hoppiness) and the Warsteiner Dunkel (VERY light and smooth).

                                  Service was outstanding, but had it been otherwise, I would have laughed as we were there about 2 in the afternoon and there were only 2 other tables of 2..... so it's not like service was being put to the test.

                                  Those accolades aside, I question the decibel output once the masses discover this place and all tables are full, with people waiting and the cook staff (open style kitchen) and band at full crank. The decor is very sparse - concrete flooring, nicely spaced tables, small bar with **TV overhead, and as rpe stated above, "20 foot high ceilings and overly roomy". I can only imagine it will be quite deafening......

                                  As to the TV - the motif is SOCCER and that is what the TV is tuned to - apparently always. Since neither of the other 2 tables were paying attention to it, my friend asked the barkeep to change it over to basketball (it IS March madness after all). Reluctantly and with a scrowl, the request was honored. When I asked our server about it, she said that the owner, had he been on premise, would not have allowed it. So, FWIW, Soccer is all-things-holy here.

                              1. Austin Taco House. I happened upon this place as I was headed to Benny's Bagel (ugh) this morning. Throwing away the bagel after only 2 bites, I walked next door where Tereso, his wife and little "head chef" son were enjoying their breakfast. The (house made) chirizo and egg breakfast taco with verde sauce was excellent. Unlike other area taquerias, the corn tortilla wasn't dredged through a sea of oil prior to heating. I was also impressed with their scratch made red mole - smooth and mellow, but with a heat kick at the back of the throat. I look forward to trying their dinners - tacos (a la carte) or plated meals! Tereso explained their care in cooking heathy "as they cook at home", using no oil or fat in the beans, trimming excess fat from cooked beef...... skinny, good tasting Mexican food! Who knew?! (They even have wheat tortillas)

                                This is "formally" a Southlake address, but abutting Keller on SL Blvd, cattycorner from Sprouts.

                                I asked Tereso if they were from Austin. He said no, they were from Mexico, giving the name of the town, which I cannot begin to re-say.

                                Benny's Bagels
                                2001 W Southlake Blvd, Southlake, TX 76092

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                                1. re: CocoaNut


                                  Have you been to Kassandra's Mexican Kitchen at 813 Keller Pkwy? Unfortunatley it's tucked behind Taco Casa and stupid Domino's. Wonderful breakfast tacos there. It's a weekend favorite of ours.

                                  Kassandra's Mexican Kitchen
                                  813 Keller Pkwy, Keller, TX 76248

                                2. Went to Gerhard's today and noticed that Brix" Pizza and Wine Bar has opened in Roanoke between Cowboy Chow and Twisted Root. One day I'll try Tortilla Flats, but never think of it until I see it..... when I'm headed to another eating fixation destination.

                                  (Not so thrilled today with Gerhards'. Had the Hunter’s Schnitzel and it was extremely salty and I'm a salt fanatic. Made note of it to the server and she willingly offered to have a new one made, adding that they get that comment with some regularity. Hmmmmmmmm...... )

                                  Tortilla Flats
                                  115 N Oak St, Roanoke, TX 76262

                                  2747 S Hulen St, Fort Worth, TX 76109

                                  Cowboy Chow
                                  2801 Commerce St, Dallas, TX 75226

                                  1. We moved to Keller in AUG 2010 from Indianapolis and believe it or not, we found Keller a dining wasteland at first... even from Indiana! Then we started digging. Roanoke is really a terrific little town- Cowboy Chow and Twisted Root are favorites. Keller itself has a few interesting places like the new Town Center CITY GRILLE- and the Sunday brunch has live music. There is also a place called Manny G's in Keller and Lonesome Lizard- both casual and very good. Too many chains everywhere. Fort Worth is well worth a look (much easier than Dallas to dig into). Try BUTTONS- cool jazzy place by the university, Tim Love's Lonesome Dove in the Stockyards and the italian steakhouse Ferre downtown is very good. Southlake is convenient, lots of the same restaurants but we really like Trulucks for an enjoyable upscale evening close by. Venture into Grapevine and hit DINO's. Then take a stab at heading toward Dallas (Knox-Henderson area was a good starting place for us). Good luck and welcome to TEXAS!

                                    Manny G's!
                                    444 Keller Pkwy, Keller, TX 76248

                                    Cowboy Chow
                                    2801 Commerce St, Dallas, TX 75226

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                                    1. re: jefelang

                                      Lonesome Lizzard has closed.
                                      Make sure you try Up in Smoke on Main for great Texas bbq. It's a biker bar, so you may want to carry out. We always do.

                                      1. re: FoodChic

                                        Just go to the Non-Smoking dining area if you want to eat in at Up In Smoke BBQ. The service can be hit or miss regardless. They have a rather informal attitude towards customers.

                                        Up In Smoke
                                        3090 Justin Rd Ste 302, Lewisville, TX 75077

                                    2. Try Bison station in Keller. The food is excellant and the back patio is a great place to eat.

                                      1. I see you've been here for several years by now, but I grew up on the NRH/ Keller border and thought I'd put a few suggestions in. My favorite Tex Mex is mi pueblo. It's on Davis by the Walmart and target. For cheap hole in the wall Chinese we go to Hunan wok on rufe snow at 820. I'm sure you've tried Fuzzy's tacos by now. There is one on rufe snow and a new one on 1709. My parents favorite place is Chef Pointe in the gas station on Watauga Rd. Thai tina's on Denton hwy by target is good thai food.