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Sep 5, 2004 05:56 PM

Moving to Keller, TX HELP

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We are moving to Keller (an area off the 820 between Dallas and Fort Worth, near Southlake)

Can anyone suggest good restaurants in the area? How about Fort Worth? We are coming from Los Angeles and are spoiled by our choices.

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  1. I'll leave Fort Worth to someone who's more familiar with that area but here's some suggestions for the Keller area:

    Classic Cafe - Roanoke (VERY NICE)

    Babe's Chicken - Roanoke (Fried Chicken/Chicken Fried Steak - that's it. This place is legendary - BYOB)

    Up in Smoke - Keller (Great BBQ, huge beer selection, live music on weekends)

    Thai Chili - Southlake

    Anamia's, Mi Cocina, Blue Mesa - Southlake (Mexican)

    The Feed Bag - Southlake (BBQ - never been there, but several friends have recommended it)

    Weinbergers Deli - Westlake (Chicago Style Deli)

    Other than Classic Cafe most of the restaurants above are very casual. Not sure exactly what kind of restaurant experience you're looking for but I think the list above are all pretty good. If you're looking for anything in particular let me know and I'll see what I can come up with for you!

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      Good list of nearby stuff, Chuck.

      Keller is a famous no man's land for food. It just got its first white-tablecloth restaurant last year, and it's a short drive from most restaurants.

      Southlake has Kirby's steakhouse and a neo-"town square" shopping center with casual and chain restaurants.

      Roanoke has Classic Cafe, nice contemporary.

      Keller's nice restaurant is Mezza Luna (no connection to any other Mezzaluna), Italian.

      Down I-35, downtown Fort Worth has five or six prime beef steakhouses and a couple of contemporary restaurants.

      The nicest places are probably in the Cultural District -- Saint-Emilion (French) and La Piazza (Italian).

      1. re: Buck

        I have to agree with the "no-mans land" sentiment for the most part. One place I was sorry to see close was Urban Tapas in Colleyville. Only ate there once but it seemed like a funky little place that I thought for sure would be a hit. A new place over in Southlake that I haven't tried yet is X's and O's (or something like that). It's in Southlake Square at the same location that housed Josephine's Italian Restaurant. I plan to get there this week hopefully.

        Forgot about Kirby's Steakhouse! Other people really like Silver Fox in Grapevine (steakhouse - same owners as III Forks) too. In my opinion, it's good not great.

        1. re: Chuck
          Anthony Gheno

          Definately try Babes -- it is the best Chicken Fried Steak that I've had in DFW.

        2. re: Chuck

          Here is a place just down 377 that is in a gas station...yes, a gas station.
          It's an interesting place that is owned and run by a chef and his wife.
          There is no alcohol, but you can carry out. Try it and I know you won't be dissapointed.

        3. I lived in Keller for 10 years and have to say the chow scene there is pretty dismal. Be prepared to drive ~20 minutes to get to anywhere decent. That said, there are a few semi-close options:

          Babes is an institution, with great CFS and wonderful mashed potatoes.

          Rosa's Tortilla Factory has decent flour tortillas and cheap, basic tacos on Tuesdays. It's kind of similar to Taco Cabana, if you're familiar

          Gloria's in Colleyville has a wonderful Salvadorian plate, and has good Tex-Mex, too

          1. Don Mateo's is pretty good in Roanoke too. I second Classic Cafe, excellent! There are some good choices here, I like Kirby's but the price has gone through the roof this past year and not sure I would go back at that rate! Lots of folks like Cafe Italia in Grapevine, it is okay. Uncle Julio's is coming to Grapevine as is Bob's Chophouse. There used to be a nice place in Keller, but it finally closed, guess it just couldn't make it!

            1. Try Brio in southlake and if your really looking for authentic italian Cafe Italia in Keller. Its brand new and stellar...

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              1. re: matthewgiron

                Dito on Brio, we love it.

                You'll find many good things in Southlake -
                Sushi Sam, Eden Bistro for Asian and Sushi
                Coal Vines for Pizza,
                Trulucks for expensive seafood.
                Kincaid's and Snuffers for Burgers

                In Keller you'll find Up-In-Smoke for great bbq.
                Baja Grill/El Taco H is great for good Mexican and fabulous Margaritas (brisket tacos are out of this world.)
                Manny' G's is pretty decent for good soup, burgers and sandwiches.

                In Wautauga:

                Try Chef Point Cafe. It's in a gas station on 377, but will completely amaze you.

              2. Seeing as this is an old post I will update you on some good places!.. Of course if you've been here since 04,.. Im sure youve found places. Anyway, as the last person mentioned
                1. Cafe Italia - the tortelini michelangelo is amazing,. as Im sure is everything else on their menu!
                2. Cowtown Sushi - if you like sushi or japanese food it is very good here, the restaurant is modern decor. This is on the way to Southlake across the street from Sprouts
                3. Cavalleros - Texmex-ish Cantina and Steak House - middle of the road prices - good food.
                4. Niki's Italian Bistro - great homemade pasta (personally like it better than Mezaluna's..)
                5. Tuscany - they have huge portions and it's cheap. Not as good as the other two Italian places mentioned, but still good!
                6. El Paseo - Mexican food. It's good, mid-price range.
                7. Kassandra's - Mexican food - small family style restaurant - it won't amaze you, but it is good downhome cooking.