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Sep 11, 2013 01:40 PM

Does Restaurant Week pack 'em in?

I posted about going to SD/Gas Lamp Saturday night and now see it is restaurant. That's not a big deal out here in Escondido, but wonder if it might be down there. Any opinions/experiences to share?

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  1. Avoid it like the plague. Limited, often boring mainstream menus, rushed service etcetc. Pick a restaurant which doesn't participate and you are fine

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      Does it really matter in the Gaslamp, though? Many of those restaurants get plenty of turnover as it is, so I don't think restaurant week makes that big of a difference there, at least for the places of note.

      Either way, if one does end up at a participant, do *not* order the restaurant week suggestions.

    2. I was wrong about the dates. Restaurant week starts on the 15th. Sorry.

      1. Restaurant Week is like New Year's Eve -- it's amateur night. If you're a regular diner, it's to be avoided. Service suffers and candidly the deals really aren't that great.

        1. We actually had a couple of great experiences during RW last week at Cucina Urbana and George’s CA Modern. CU’s menu was a subset of the regular menu, while George’s offered its full a la carte menu, with small supplements for items that weren’t included in the $40 RW three course. Food was excellent and service superb at both places. Not to be redundant, but food was excellent and service superb at both places. Standout dishes were the truffle risotto and the squash blossoms at CU and the fish tacos and corn pudding at George’s. The discount probably amounted to a free dessert per person, but it was absolutely worthwhile.