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Sep 11, 2013 01:31 PM

November weekend trip

Hi- My wife and I are travelling to Vegas the weekend of 11/22. We are going to be staying at Vdara, near Aria. We arrive at 10:10 am on Friday and depart at noon on Sunday. After researching the board and other resources, I've settled on going to the following places:

Dinner- Charlie Palmer steakhouse (cut of the week)
Dinner- Scarpetta
Lunch- Olives (my friend told me to get there early and get a table outside for the fountains)
Lunch- Public House
Brunch- Bouchon
Show- Ka

So I think I have the pieces I just need to arrange them optimally. My rough draft is:

Friday- Early lunch at Olives, Dinner at Charlie Palmers, drinks at Cosmo

Saturday- Lunch at Public House, 7 pm show at Ka, 9:30 dinner at Scarpetta

Sunday- Brunch at Bouchon

I'm concerned that we won't have enough time on Sunday. Alternatively I was thinking we could do a light lunch at Public House and then do oysters at Bouchon since they are right near each other. Please forward and comment regarding my picks or how they are scheduled. Thanks.

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  1. I'd do Bouchon Saturday. They serve Brunch menu both sat and sun.

    1. HI.....For 30 years, when I would come to Las Vegas, I would stay where I wanted to eat....rarely venturing too far from my hotel. Each trip was always somewhat different; and the beauty of my plan was the ease combined with the quality. As small as the Strip really is (from The Wynn to Mandalay Bay as the main part), getting around..and with the crowds during holiday season...can be a huge drain (on time and energy).

      You have chosen a wonderful venue as a base....CityCenter is marvelous....In Aria alone, you have Julian Serrano, Jean Georges, Masa, Sage...and the best pizza at Five50. In Crystals you can add Mastros, She, and Todd's pub (better than his Olives resto)....not too mention spectacular shopping....and don't forget The Mandarin Oriental!!

      If this was my 2-day trip, I wouldn't have to leave CityCenter.
      PS: The Cirque show at excellent.

      1. Make sure Olives will still be open. They are closing.

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          I thought it was just that they were getting rid of Todd English but it would remain open.