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Sep 11, 2013 12:52 PM

Little Pepper question

I have been going to Little Pepper for years now and count it as one of my favorites in New York. On recent visits, I have had delicious food but experienced headaches after. Assuming that it's because of MSG used in the food. Anyone have similar experiences?

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  1. MSG is used in most Chinese restaurants. If you're not suffering headaches after eating in most Chinese restaurants, then MSG may not be the trigger. In addition, there is no strong link between MSG and headaches:

    I watched a show once where they ran a test. Half the people were told they were eating MSG laden food. The other half were told their food has no MSG. In reality, all the food has no MSG. After the meal, the "MSG" group started complaining about headaches and other symptoms while the "non-MSG" group had no complaints. So, for some people, the symptoms may be psychological.

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      I posted this reently on Food Media thread, but relevant to thisi discussion:

    2. Had a fabulous dinner there on Sat. night... no probs, no headaches... just the wonderful glow that comes from a meal of wonderful food.