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Sep 11, 2013 12:32 PM

Too immature to be a Chowhound?

I am so happy I stumbled onto this site a few months ago, but there is one thing I've noticed. I have very immature taste buds, at least compared to most of my fellow Chowhounds.

I saw on the "condiments" topic most mentioned fancy hot sauces or chutney's I've never seen and I'll be honest.... I was expecting the typical mayo and mustard type stuff. Okay, well fancy mustard at least.

I've also mentioned things that everyone else who loves food enjoys, but I loath. For example; dark chocolate, goat cheese and sushi.

I think I have SOME sophisticated tastes like stinky cheeses, good steak tartar, anything duck and any beautiful, not nauseatingly sweet pastry.

I will admit though, I still like an old fashioned grilled cheese made with "cheese product" and 10% natural canned tomato soup. I like making my own little Lunchables with Swiss cheese and turkey and fried egg sandwiches with no fancy frills.

Is it because I have 4 young children? Is it because I sit at a computer at my office all day? Or is it just because I've not been exposed to some of this cool stuff? I hope my taste buds grow up before I'm 50!

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  1. Don't let anyone Yuck on your Yum, and be sure to check out the threads of horrible food secrets and disgusting food loves. Or even the chains thread. You are not alone. A few years ago I started making a list of 5 new foods to try every New Year's. I haven't loved them all, but I can at least say I tried them. (I'm looking at you, Durian.)

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    1. re: Firegoat

      I ha made a few food goals in the past as well. It is kind of fun!

        1. re: mrbigshotno.1

          THINK I remember Durian being described as smelling like ROTTING MEAT?? WHO in their right mind would even consider putting THAT into their mouth?!?

          1. re: kseiverd

            It doesn't smell like rotting meat. More like rotting garbage.

            It does taste better than it smells.

          2. re: mrbigshotno.1

            To each his own. I love durian, but it has to be fresh, like bought from the roadside stalls in SE Asia. The frozen stuff doesn't do it justice. It's definitely an acquired thing, but I grew up visiting family in SE Asia so it's not "weird" for me like it may be for someone who didn't get exposed to it early on.

            My SE Asian cousins who visited a couple years back thought blue cheese was the worst thing they had ever smelled. :)

            1. re: boogiebaby

              My husband is Sri Lanka. He and the vast majority of his family and relatives hate durian. I only know two who don't.

            2. re: Firegoat

              Please try Durian!!! the one I tried didn't smell that bad but maybe that was because it was in the fridge before I ate it. Some people love or hate the smell, I actually like it. When I tried it the fruit tasted like what I imagine a cashew nut pudding would taste like. A very nutty creamy fatty flavor. Also I think I read somewhere that there are different types of durian. The one I had the flesh had a creamy white to off white/light yellow color.

              1. re: valleychip

                Spot on, valleychip. When I first tried durian in Indonesia I couldn't understand what all the fuss had been about. Okay, the odor was pervasive; but the flavor was subtle and lovely. It just wasn't the tasting hurdle I'd expected it to be. Not at all.

                1. re: JoanN

                  I love, love, love durians!!

                  Indonesia durians are the *worst* I'd ever had! The fruit bore no resemblance to those lovely fruit we get in Malaysia. Thailand produced fleshy varieties, whilst Vietnam's are just a shade above Indonesia's.


            3. I think your confusing a chowhound with a food snob or a gourmet.

              As a chowhound, I don't think you need to have a sophisticated palate or need to turn your nose up and "common" foods to be a chowhound.

              A chowhound is someone that's willing to try different foods and enjoys food. All types of foods. However, you don't have to like everything, especially if it's trendy.

              We all have our "trashy" dishes and recipes we like and cook.

              1. Don't let the sophisticates get you down. Like what you like, and if anybody gives you grief over your tastes, tell them to go to hell.

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                1. re: Perilagu Khan

                  And REAL Chowhounds will help you draw the map in case they don't know how to GET to hell!

                  We are here for you. Be passionate about your passions!

                  1. re: Monch

                    Yes, passion fruit is so versatile, great in every stage in a meal, soups, salads, mains, desserts and drinks. Palate cleansers too.

                2. There seems to be room for everyone here. Plenty of us have "downmarket" tastes for certain foods. The common denominator here is that we all like to eat/cook food. It sounds like you qualify.

                  But I've learned a lot from reading from adventurous eaters and cooks here. And if you ask a question, you will often get good answers. So pull up a chair and stay awhile.

                  1. Welcome. The most heated debates often involve hamburgers, hot dogs, or tacos. I, too, am not as adventurous as many chowhounds but I sure learn a lot . Cheers!

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                    1. re: LA Buckeye Fan

                      Just mention hotdogs, ketchup and mustard in one post and you're bound to find a lot of discussion

                        1. re: James Cristinian

                          JIB tacos can not be replicated anywhere. They are a delicacy.

                          1. re: TroyTempest

                            Hmm ........

                            If they are a delicacy, they are a delicacy my stomach cannot handle.

                            1. re: foiegras

                              Certainly, like all fine things, they are not to be partaken of too often, lest one get spoiled and heartburn.

                        2. re: LA Buckeye Fan

                          and jarred spaghetti sauce, peanut butter and mass market breakfast cereais...