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Sep 11, 2013 12:23 PM

Good chocolate cake Englewood area

I go to Balthazar for French style desserts and bread but sometimes I crave simple chocolate cake with good frosting. Any good place?
Please don't recommend a place that has gummy frosting made with vegetable based shortening. I want a place that makes good butter based frosting with rich moist cake. Maybe I asking too much..

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  1. Butterflake in nearby Teaneck on Cedar Lane. There is also a french bakery in Teaneck that gets good reviews on Queen Anne Road. Can't remember the name. If you go to the french place, call first---they seem to be closed half of the week.

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    1. re: BarbaraNJ

      I did love Butterflake's jelly donuts...yummm..
      I did try that french bakery in Teaneck but it was rather disappointing.

      1. re: BarbaraNJ

        Patisserie St Michel
        1389 Queen Anne Rd
        Teaneck, NJ 07666
        (201) 837-8140

      2. There's a top-notch cake bakery in Hawthorne that makes a killer chocolate cake. It's called Just Desserts and it's on Lafayette Avenue. It's well worth the trip!

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          I live in Tenafly and I had to google Hawthorne..haha.
          thanks for the recommendation.

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            Haha! I know that they do deliver and many Bergen County people do serve their cakes.

          1. I was going to recommend Just Desserts last night, but got sidetracked. They are terrific. A bit more expensive than the average place, but the cakes are large and very high quality. I got a chocolate cake with plain whipped cream several months ago, and it was one of the best cakes I ever bought. They do buttercream too. You're looking at a 25-30 minute ride from Englewood, but it's an easy ride. 4 West to 208 North, take the second Goffle Road exit, and make a left on Lafayette.

            And are you saying you weren't impressed with Patisserie St. Michel?!? Look, I know Andre is very expensive and doesn't put out a huge variety of stuff each day, but the man makes the best cakes and pastries I have ever had. (Just Desserts comes pretty close though). You'd expect a seventy-something baker born, raised, and trained in France to know his craft.

            Either one of these places is a great bet.

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            1. re: zhelder

              Agreed. Excellent comments. Thanks.

              1. re: zhelder

                Haha, i will try St Michel's again. It was a while ago and i bought a few stuff but don't remember being good. By the way, the worst tasting bread I had was also in not everything from France is great...though the best stuff i ate also come from France.

                Will try Just dessets moist chocolate cake with tons of buttercream sounds so good now...