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Sep 11, 2013 11:36 AM

Fresh Made Juices

I've started getting into juices and love the ones from the food truck Mother Juice. I tried looking up on menu pages for places that have fresh juices and it was slim pickings. A few months ago, I had a really good juice combo at bees Knees but they stopped making them. Any suggestions within an 8 mile radius of Boston including Boston proper?

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  1. Life Alive in Central Square and Root in Allston both make great juices to order and have some other heady stuff to keep you feeling fresh.

    Also just FYI Life Alive does Wheatgrass shots (if that's your bag).

    1. Juice Bar in Chinatown is great. I love the passion fruit papaya juice, and nice people. Adding tapioca pearls (boba) to a cup of freshly squeezed juice is a bonus!

      1. I'm pretty sure it's outside your 8 mile radius, but I like the fresh squeezed juice drinks at the Sol Bean Cafe in's very close to the Richardson's so you can have ice cream too