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Sep 11, 2013 11:28 AM

Dining in Charlotte near the Convention Center?

Hi all! I am coming to Charlotte NC for the first time in early October. I will be visiting on business with a coworker. We are staying at the Hamption Inn Charlotte Uptown on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.and spending time in the Charlotte Convention Center. We won't have a car.

I am looking for good options for dinner for three nights. I like all types of food. I would love to do something with local flavor. Because I am on an expense report I can't spend a lot -- around $45 with tax and tip.

Also, I wouldn't mind a suggestion of a spot to grab lunch -- quick and cheap preferred.

Thanks so much!

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  1. I would recommend King's Kitchen for dinner. It is a not-for-profit restaurant started by a local chef who educates and employs folks in need of career opportunities and 100% of the profits are donated to help feed the poor here locally and beyond. It's a lovely restaurant, very affordable and uses locally-sourced seasonal ingredients to create southern-inspired dishes (shrimp & grits, chicken & dumplings, fried flounder, collard greens, cornbread, etc).

    Another option is Rooster's Wood-Fired Kitchen on N. College. Again, locally-sourced ingredients, southern cuisine, lots of great vegetable sides, fresh pasta, NC shrimp, etc. The pan-fried corn is a signature dish.

    For a quick lunch I would suggest going to 7th St. Market. It's an indoor farmer and food vendor market. Pure Pizza is to-die-for. Seriously. The ancient grains crust made from sprouted grains and quinoa is so perfectly chewy and flavorful. Get the pizza with the chorizo, fresh radishes, tomatoes, cilantro and fresh lime juice drizzled on top - OMG! It's ridiculously good. They are farm-to-fork also. The famed chef & James Beard Award-winning Peter Reinhart is a partner.

    I'm sure other Charlotte hounds will chime in as well. Enjoy your visit and please, report back and let us know what you ate!

    Safe Travels!

    1. There are lots of good places in walking distance. I'm sure others will have more ideas, but here are some choices, with an emphasis on local flavor and moderate prices:
      Mert's for southern food
      King's Kitchen also for southern food
      Halcyon (probably over budget with drinks - but would be ok if you are tea-totaling)
      Dandelion Market (not very local in flavor, but good)
      There are also a couple of BBQ places downtown that are ok, but nothing to write home about.

      If you hop on the train (which is right outside the convention center) you could add:
      Greek Isles, at Bland st sta (With as many Greeks as we have in the area and running restaurants forever, this counts as local flavor)
      300 East, about 2 blocks east of East/West sta
      Liberty, about a block from East/West sta. Good for beer, and generally good food (although I've had two meh meals there lately)

      Lunch options:
      Green's Lunch, for local flavor (chili dogs). It's about a 10 minute walk.
      7th St Market for pizza or a cheese sandwich. About 10-15 min away.
      Price's Chicken Coop is also worth considering, but be ready to stand on the sidewalk to eat, since there are no tables. Great fried chicken. Between Bland and East/West sta's on Camden.

      For cheap eats there is also a Bojangles' in the convention center. This is a fried chicken chain that started around here. They have biscuits all day. It's fast food so it can be hit or miss, but when their biscuits are good, they're very good. A chicken biscuit, a side and some sweet tea makes a pretty good lunch.

      1. Thanks for the replies!

        King's Kitchen and Halcyon sound great. I'm thinking Mert's and Pure Pizza for lunches. Bojangles appeals because it will be right there and they have biscuits. I love biscuits.

        Any other thoughts?

        1. Lola's for lunch. Its right across the street from the convention center at MLK and Brevard. Traditional meat and 2, or a 3 vegetable plate (my favorite). Cafeteria style so its quick but good. Its my first choice for lunch in the area.

          You have some good suggestions for dinner.