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Sep 11, 2013 10:07 AM

Where can I find a 5 kg jar of Nutella in Montreal?

It's my nephew's birthday this week and he is a huge fan of Nutella. I would like to buy him the biggest jar I can find. I think they sell the 5 kg jars in Europe. Can we find them in Montreal too?

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  1. Costco must have it but I also saw it at Maxi in VSL.

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    1. re: hungryann

      Thanks. I just want to Maxi in Lachine and they did not have it. I guess not all of them carry it. I will try other ones.

      1. re: indigonat

        I remember the Maxi in Pincourt had it as recent as two weeks ago. Maybe a little worth it if you can"t find it elsewhere.

    2. most definitely costco. that's where people are taking pictures with that nutella jar

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      1. re: twinkie83

        Not a member, but yes I thought that maybe I would find it there.

      2. I could be wrong, but I'd swear that Milano's in little italy used to carry all different sized jars.

        1. Write to or call 416 590-0775 and ask, probably much easier than running around town.

          1. I saw a display of them two months ago in Maxi on Crémazie, not sure it's a regular thing though.