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Sep 11, 2013 10:05 AM

FQ Balcony for food and drinks

We will be in NOLA Sept 28- Oct 2. Does anybody have any suggestions for a place in the Quarter where we could sit at a balcony table at night to have a drink and maybe some food?

I'm hoping to find someplace somewhat upscale with a nice view, a romantic spot.

So far I was thinking about Muriel's or Dickie Brennan's Tableau. Any suggestions?

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  1. Have dined inside at Tableau, food is good. Balcony looked nice. I love the atmosphere at Muriel's and if you go there, make sure you order the Gorgonzal Proscuitto tart as an appetizer or to go along with your drinks. Nice view, romantic: Galvez, with views of the river.

    1. A well-kept secret is the balcony at the Embers Steakhouse. It wraps around both Bourbon and St. Peter. You have to climb a steep staircase to get there, but there's no better spot for people watching.

      1. You might want to call ahead if you make plans for Muriel's. It is my current understanding that the balcony is utilized for private events. However,customers are welcome to take a drink up to the balcony provided that no event is taking place. I do not believe that food is served to that area on a regular basis, though. I suggest having a drink up there while enjoying the very special scenery and ambience, and then having some food either at the bar downstairs or in one of their lovely dining rooms. In addition to the previously mentioned tart, the shrimp and goat cheese crepes are a wonderful appetizer. Muriel's is one of my favorite restaurants in New Orleans.

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          True. We've gone out there for drinks before dinner but food is not served. One time there we sipped our drinks on the balcony while Chef Spicer was in a photo shoot around us, apparently for her cookbook that came out a year or so ago.

          To get away from the crowds at TOTC we went into Muriel's bar and were pleasently surprised at the good cocktails.

        2. Thanks for those suggestions, quite helpful!

          1. The French Market Restaurant on Decatur has a balcony. Good drinks and the absolute best fried shrimp with dipping sauce. Only place we love for fried oysters and shrimp. Big and fresh. All their shrimp is good. and yummy "cajun" potatoes (you can substitute for fries)