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Sep 11, 2013 09:23 AM

Cheese curd

Where to find cheese curd in SF? Thanks.

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  1. I've given up looking for fresh cheese curd in SF because it really needs to be eaten the day it is made, though if you are using it for poutine it doesn't really need to be that fresh.

    I do know cheese curd is made by Spring Hill Dairy in Petaluma and I've seen it on sale by them at farmers' markets. You might contact them and find out where to buy it.

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      I've bought the Spring Hill cheese curd at the Ferry Building farmers market. Not a curd expert, but I've enjoyed them.

    2. I saw some at Faletti's on Fell and Broderick. Not sure how good or fresh.

      1. Rainbow Grocery in SF
        415 863-0621

        Their cheese dept can order fresh curd. Don't remember the source but there is a 10lb min I think.

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        1. For hand-stretched mozzarella or poutine or what? There are different kinds.

          1. The best I have found so far is from the Oakdale Cheese Factory. The curds squeak once brought to room temperature and are quite fresh. They sell them at the Mountain View farmer's market and I think in other farmer's market around the bay.

            Spring Hill's curds are not really good. They are sold in vacuum sealed packages and the cheese is usually not very fresh (in cheese curds freshness terms).

            I think the biggest issue is not being able to get curds that has not been refrigerated, which changes the flavor and texture.

            I used to buy my curds still warm, I guess I might be a cheese curds snob though.

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              Oakdale is what the Augie's Smoke Meat pop-up uses for their poutine