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Sep 11, 2013 09:14 AM

NoVA/DC source for banana leaves

All -

I'm making a dish this weekend requiring banana leaves. I'd like suggestions of where I'll easily score them. I suspect one of the bodegas or international marts in Arlington/FC/Fairfax, but if anyone has a good go to source, please advise. I prefer the NoVA locations as I'm in Arlington.


Cocinero Cubano

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  1. If you don't mind driving to Wheaton, there are numerous tiendas, bodegas, and supermercados and I'll bet you will find them in that region. I'd also try the supermarket in the strip center behind White Flint - forget what the store is called - maybe Shopper's Food Warhouse? - but it has an excellent selection of foods from Latin America. I have heard that you can often find them in the frozen food section.

    And guess what? You can even order them from Amazon!

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      I was going to suggest Shoppers, too. I have seen them there but it's been a while since I've gone.

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        I've seen them at Shoppers too (the one at Potomac Yards), but haven't looked recently. Give them a call.

      2. just bought banana leaves last weekend at the thai grocery right next to bangkok 54.

        1. Most of the Asian/Vietnamese Markets will carry them.

          1. I know for a fact that Great Wall near Merrifield has them. They have bamboo leaves as well. I bought them to make zongzi a couple months ago.

            1. All, thanks for the hints. La Union on Lee Hwy had a bumber crop of them - yay.