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Sep 11, 2013 09:09 AM

bulk shredded cheese?

I'm looking for a place to buy big bags of shredded cheese (doesn't matter what type). I need something that is bigger than a 2 pound bag. A 5 pound bag would be perfect. Or a big block that can be shredded.

I'm in Brooklyn.

I go through a lot of cheese and buying it in bulk should be cheaper.

P.S. I'm not a costo member and don't have any interest in joining.

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  1. Try finding someone who carries (or delivers) Grande brand cheese ...

    1. My first suggestion would have been Costco which has several varieties of shredded cheese in large bags as well as blocks but you say no might check at Western Beef , which has wholesale quantities to retail customers (or Jetro, if you can wangle a membership)

      I think you are better off with block cheese if you care about how your dish tastes - you might try other places in the city like East Village Cheese - at least in the past they did wholesale. or you might try italian places if you are looking for grated (not shredded) parm or pecorino