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Sep 11, 2013 09:01 AM

Puliyogare - To be found in London?

A friend of mine from Bangalore has been raving about his mum's great rice dish, puliyogare (I think I've got that right). Has anyone ever seen this on a menu in London? It seems to use tamarind and his photo showed a very colourful dish. He seemed to think maybe it's only available in his area of India.

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  1. one of the big kannada rice dishes is bisi bele bhath - sure thats not what it was?!

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      Thanks... I'll run that by my friend and see if it's the same or something different. By Googling, I did find a few recipes for this dish. It may be beyond my ability. :-)

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          I checked with my friend and he says that bisi bele bhath is different dish than what he was telling me about. He's going to send me some of the puliyogare powder, so maybe I can experiment with this a bit.

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            Yes, I'd had both dishes in Bangalore before - whilst bisi bele bath is much moister (almost porridge-like), puliogare has the same consistency as biryani/pulao.

        2. Bangalore Express have tamarind rice on the menu.I'm not sure if it's the same dish and not been so can't comment on the quality of the cooking in general or the dish in particular.

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            The region seems spot on. Since I'm often at Waterloo, I may go in and ask them about it. Thanks.

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              It is effectively tamarind rice. My mum makes it a lot and it's one of my favourite dishes! I have a feeling I've had it at Rasa in Stoke Newington in the past but it was a long time ago.

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                I've found a few recipes on the Web for tamarind rice. One called for a puliyogare powder. Does your mum use that?

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                  I need to dig out the recipe but she typically uses sambar powder, from what I remember. I don't know how authentic that is though.

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                    I've never had this in a restaurant but make it using MTR Puliogare powder:
                    [I live in the US and this is available at the local Indian grocer.]

            2. Various types of pulihora are made throughout South India.
              The links below are from Andhra Pradesh:

              Bisi Bele Bath (Karnataka State

              1. I was in India over Diwali last week. On the first day of Diwali, I was at Chennai's Kapaleeshwarar Temple where "puliyogare" was first offered to Lord Shiva, before being distributed among worshippers as "prasad" (offerings to the gods). To the devotees, partaking the meal was like bringing the divinity of the temple into themselves.

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                  klyeoh - you are going to beat me handily for eating broadly in india! pondicherry one day, madras the other - well done!

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                    But missing Mumbai and its Parsi cafes.