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Sep 11, 2013 08:52 AM

Asheville Dinner Help (requirements: vegetarian-friendly and okay for children)

We have a group of 6 adults and 2 children coming to Asheville in early October for a week from Florida. I have been to Asheville numerous times and love the food scene, but haven't been there since 2011. I know you have some excellent new restaurants that have opened up since that time. From our previous visits, our consistent favorites have been the Admiral and Curate for nice dinners and Homegrown and 12 Bones as more casual options. Since our last visit we now have some vegetarians in the group and two small children.

I know Seven Sows is supposed to be great from all of the posts on this site, but it seems very meat-based and not too many vegetarian options. Does anyone have any different experiences there where you think that there could be some flexibility from the kitchen for a vegetarian meal?

Same goes for the Admiral, I have heard rumor that the kitchen would make a vegetarian dish even though none are listed on the ever-changing menu, but does anyone have any idea if that is actually true or not?

I know Curate has plenty of options for vegetarians and omnivores alike, so I'm not worried about that.

Lastly, since we will have two young children on board we would be dining at some early hour like 5:30-6pm. Do you ever see young children at Seven Sows or the Admiral? I know well-behaved children is a must, but I wasn't sure if having children there is frowned upon regardless of good behavior.

I'm not expecting Rosetta's or Plant in terms of restaurants being vegetarian-friendly, just some places that have one or a few vegetarian options would be nice. If I'm missing anything that would be considered a must-try we are open to suggestions. Thanks in advance for any help or advice you can provide!

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  1. I think both Seven Sows and Admiral would be more than happy to accommodate veggies, and while I have not seen children at either I think at that very early hour you should be fine. You may want to call and confirm on the dietary restrictions. Limones is another downtown favorite with veggie options. I'd also consider Tupelo Honey which is veg-friendly, very good, and family-friendly as well. It is more casual (but not as much as Homegrown) and dinner is excellent.

    1. Admiral does a fantastic vegetarian option upon request. It's blown the minds of several out-of-town vegetarian guests. I can't remember ever seeing kids there, but we're usually there a little later, too. I second the Limones recommendation--seems kid-friendly and is MIND BLOWINGLY DELICIOUS. I can't believe I waited until this year to try it.

      PLANT also seems to be a popular option with vegetarians. I thought it was pretty good when I went with veggie friends. My dish was okay, and my husband ranted about the vegetarian burger there. Also not sure about kid-ness there.

      Early Girl is very kid-and-vegetarian friendly. I really like that place, and I feel they've been unkindly maligned on occasion here. I think they rank with Tupelo Honey, but without the expense and wait time.